My most influential of the decade!

My most influential of the decade!

I am a dreamer – I hate reality and I love to constantly picture myself living the most perfect life there is! But most importantly I love to see other people living out their dreams and pursuing their life goals whilst also influencing others around them. That is probably the reason I follow so many people on Instagram – I am obsessed with accounts and people that inspire and motivate me to not only improve or change my lifestyle but to also achieve as many of my aspirations as possible.

When I see other people doing well in the career that I want to pursue it makes me want to work that extra bit harder to be where I want to be in 10 years time – well at the end of this next decade. I will admit that I have slacked a lot these last two years and I kick myself every day but the main thing is that I did not quit. My only problem is that although I don’t lack motivation, I am extremely lazy, in all honesty, I am the best procrastinator you will ever meet in this life. If I had taken this whole blogging thing seriously when I was 15 (when I began), I am telling you, right now I would be so far in this life. No joke.

For the last 3 years, I have been focusing on my education and being a teen and literally just fantasising and getting nothing done but that is something that I am trying to work on this year. In my previous blog post, I mentioned one of my favourite books; the secret and the law of attraction but what we all need to understand (and something that I have learnt the hard way) is that we can have our goals and affirmations but they are nothing if we do not work towards them, instead, they’re literally just words without action – after all, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. I hate hard work and that is something that I am trying to change in the new year because like most of us out there I want to be successful and happy in life and I have realised that the only way to make this happen is through hard work because nothing in life comes handed to you. But at the same time, I have also realised that it is all about luck and the people that you know, NETWORKING IS KEY and as black people, we have to work x100 to get where we want to be in this life because believe or not we live in a eurocentric society where everyone appropriates black culture but doesn’t want to support black people. One thing that I have learnt in the last 3 years is that if you want something then go out and get it, seek as many opportunities out there as possible because sometimes you have to knock on every single door until you get the opportunity that you want.

By the end of this decade, I will be as influential as the people that I am about to mention. I want to help change peoples lives and be an inspiration for people, especially young black women!

Here are my most influential of the decade;


Image result for rihanna

It would actually be a crime for me to do this post and not mention Rhianna. This woman changed the beauty game for ever and as a black woman, I will forever be grateful to her for this. She saw what was wrong with the beauty industry and she decided to do something about it and that was when brands were like oh shit and finally stepped their game up. She is the reason we have such a wide colour range now and most importantly why bramds now focus on undertones. She is that bitch!

Kanye West

Image result for kanye west

Kanye West, you either love him or you hate him there is no in-between. Personally I fucking adore this man. When it comes to fashion he is so ahead of his time, he is a visionary, a creative and one of the best that this generation has ever seen, he took simplicity to another level with his brand Yeezy. Think about all of the fast-fashion brands that he influenced to copy the Yeezy style and think about all of the sneakers and trainers that resemble the Yeezy then come back to me and tell me this man isn’t influential.


Image result for stormzy

Stormzy was named by Times magazine as one of the leaders of the next generation. Compared to most grime rappers or people within the music scene in the UK Stormzy is different in the sense that he is our very own version of J. Cole and he speaks about injustice within his music. He is out here changing peoples lives and challenging stereotypes of black people. He is an inspiration to so many black boys that are growing up on road. Stormzy is a man that is greatly invested in black excellence and he is a man that wants to help his class rise rather than rise out of it by himself he is a community man and something that everybody should aspire to be in this world like he said it is his purpose to shine a light where he can and do something where he can, just whatever he can in whatever way shape or form.

Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian was the Queen of this decade. This woman has changed the way that we use social media in so many ways. She is the core reason for influencer marketing and not only that but she is an advocate in everything that she does. Kim Kardashian is one of the most hard-working most inspirational businesswomen of this decade and no one can tell me shit. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to Kim, she is out here handling three businesses, raising a family, juggling her career a law degree whilst also helping people come out of prison. How much more inspirational can she get.

Kylie Jenner

Image result for kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner, the worlds youngest self-made billionaire of our generation. Whether or not you believe that she is a self-made billionaire we cannot argue that Kylie Jenner was one of the most influential, if not the most influential millennial of this decade. Think about it, this woman got people onto the hype of big lips and they called them Kylie Jenner lips. She is the reason for the increase in lip injections I don’t even know lip injections but I think before Kylie Jenner is that it’s doing it and then she made a business out of it!

Chiara Ferrangi

Image result for chiara ferragni

If you do not know who Chiara Ferrangi is, she is the worlds biggest fashion blogger and the reason why fashion bloggers became so influential in the 2010s. She is the reason that they go to fashion shows, that they collaborate with huge brands like Gucci, Givenchy and Chanel. She is basically the pioneer of this whole fashion blogging industry, she paved the way for fashion bloggers and she’s probably the richest fashion blogger of our time.

Riccardo Tisci

Image result for riccardo tisci

The business of fashion name is Ricardo Tisci one of the 500 people shaping the fashion industry and that is no lie. Ricardo Tisci was creative director of Givenchy from 2005 to 2017 and during his time there he was able to revive the house for the new generation of upcoming luxury consumers also known you and me, his ideas created a foundation for the future of fashion. He’s a man that broke rules that we didn’t even know could be broken, he is so open-minded to do anything and everything and one of the main reasons as to why streetwear is so mainstream now within the luxury fashion market today because of his time at Givenchy. He was also one of the 1st to recognise Kim Kardashian and together they created what we like to call influencer marketing, well that’s what I think anyway.

Conna Walker

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Connell Walker is literally one of my biggest inspirations. She started the brand house of CB when she was 17 years old and today she is 25 and has managed to turn her business into a global empire. House of CB is one of the most well-known fashion brands of our time, when I tell you everybody wants a house of CB dress! she is honestly one of the most amazing women that I have ever read about and ever come across.

Riky Rick

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Ricky Rick is a South African artist he is also known as the best dressed man in Africa for me Ricky Rick is on his list because he is an inspiration to all All Africans. He is a man that has been able to show people how to push boundaries within fashion in South Africa, this man is not afraid to wear anything and will literally work it like nobody‘s business.

Jackie Aina
Image result for Jackie Aina 

*Que Jackie’s intro* this is at unproblematic Queen that is literally my favourite influencer of all time. She mind is on business and talks about issues that we face not on your swimming but as black women in this industry, she calls at brands when they’re not being inclusive she holds influences accountable for their actions and addresses colour is it in the industry without hesitation. Everyone needs a dose of Jackie in their lives!

Most Popular Holiday Destinations of the Decade!

Most Popular Holiday Destinations of the Decade!

I feel like 2019 was the year of trips. Every single day on my Instagram all I saw was influence taking trips and being taken on trips. I even I took some trips last year, I went to the most amazing places with the most amazing people and that is why for me, despite all the mental challenges I faced in 2019, it was also one of the best years of my entire life and it can only get better from there.

Ever since I was a little girl I always said to myself that when I turn 18 I am going to pick up my passport and travel the world and that’s exactly what I did. My blog is even evidence of this, scroll back to every single travel post that I have ever done and you will literally see me screaming when I turn 18 I am going to travel the world, I am going to experience this, I’m going to do that and it’s just so incredible to me to think that that’s exactly what happened. When I tell you guys the law attraction along with the idea of speaking things into existence are two of the most powerful things in this world and something that has changed my life for the better, if you really believe in something then it really will happen. Ever since I read the secret in 2018 everything in my life makes so much more sense, literally! Everything that I have ever said and dreamed of in terms of travel came true for me last year. I went on a fucking road trip across Europe (which I can say was a lot better than the Interrail and staying in hostels, because I’m high maintenance af)!!!

Image result for road trip italy

I lived the dream this summer; I went to Italy, Milan to be specific, one of the fashion Capitals of the world. I went to Lake Como one of the most beautiful places on the Italian Riviera and I travelled to Barcelona, a city so rich in culture with the most amazing food.  I also went to Switzerland, when I tell you the scenery in that place is so breathtaking you’d think that it was something out of a film.  And to top my year off,  I went to Victoria Falls, one of the wonders of the world and at that moment I have never felt so blessed and so grateful for my life because really and truly how many 18-year-olds can say that they have travelled to that many places in such a short space of time. I lived life last year and I plan to live life again this year and every year from now on. I am all about more experiences, meeting new people and just living because like my blog says I am a collector of memories and experiences, not things.

If there is one piece of advice that I can give you this decade, is if you have the resources, travel as much as possible!

Fun fact: I studied A-level business for two years and last year our fieldwork involved us doing research on the holiday industry and during that we learnt about the 10 most popular holiday destination of the decade so I just wanted to share those with you guys and so that you can see the progression in the type of holidays that we take as people because if you think about it we are so obsessed with social media and sharing a holiday experiences with people that our holidays have changed in a way, from a normal holidays – by that I mean from all-inclusive holiday resorts like Benidorm and Tenerife to being places that are more Instagramable like Bali, Cuba, Cape Town, Paris, Budapest. You know what I mean?? We are also taking more city holidays than ever before because the truth is, is that not everybody wants to be on a beach, people want to be cultured, they want to discover things and I really think that that was all due to social media (as well as budget airlines of course)


So here are the most popular holiday destination of the 2010s:


Image result for italy


Image result for london

The Netherlands

Image result for amsterdam


Image result for thailand


Image result for germany


Image result for singapore


Image result for croatia


Image result for spain


Image result for japan

South Africa

Image result for south africa

Beauty Trends of the 2010’s!

Beauty Trends of the 2010’s!

So I feel like beauty has progressed the most in this decade and I’m pretty sure that you all agree with me when I say this. Because if you really think about it You’ll realise that this decade was life-changing for the beauty industry, I mean think about it, think about the number of beauty brands that have come out of that 2010s: we have KKW beauty, Kylie cosmetics, Huda Beauty, Fenty beauty and so much more. Think about the number of beauty trends that have come out of this decade (which I’m going to highlight)  and most importantly think about the ways in which we have progressed in this decade when it comes to shade ranges, when it comes to consistency, we now use makeup brushes and beauty blenders. None of these things existed in the 90s and in the 2000s and that is why the 2010s will forever be the revolutionary era of beauty! How could I forget beauty gurus, these are the pioneers of the increased interest in beauty they have influenced us in so many ways this last 10 years.

Contouring and Highlighting
Image result for Contouring and Highlighting

A trend made popular by Kim Kardashian and one that changed everyone’s beauty routine FOREVER, once I started contouring I never went back!

Image result for baking in makeup

Another trend made popular by Kim K but is baking bad for our under eyes? Check out my blog post I did on the topic to find out!

Soft glam
Image result for soft glam makeup

My favourite trend of this decade by far!!!! It is a look that looks good on absolutely everyone.

Image result for Frontals  celebrity

A trend I am living for and one that can only improve with time, #lacewhere?

Dark lip
Image result for Dark lip makeup

A look for EVERYONE!

Image result for falsies

To this day I’m still not that big of a fan of false lashes, I feel like I haven’t found my perfect lashes yet! But these days you cannot watch a tutorial without someone using falsies, its mad

Big lips
Related image

Considering our lack of representation within the beauty industry, people sure love trying to be black and that is all I have to say for this so-called “trend”

Thick brows
Image result for Thick brows runway

Don’t think anyone understands how happy I am that we got over that thin eyebrow trend because it really was not for everyone lmao

Smokey eyes
Image result for Smokey eyes runway

I am literally so upset that I have hooded eyes because I would literally rock so many eyeshadow looks if I didn’t, especially this one!

Balayage and Ombre
Image result for Balayage runway

summertime I LIVE for this trend! Honestly.

Nail art
Image result for acrylic Nail art 

When I tell you 2019 was the year I became obsessed with acrylic nails, they are literally the accessory that made every outfit I wore POP!


‘No makeup’ makeup
Image result for 'No makeup' makeup

My forever go-to makeup, so quick and effortless!

Fashion Trends that defined the 2010s

Fashion Trends that defined the 2010s

To summarise the decade – “Shoes became sneakers, suits became sweats and chic destroyed the planet; at the same time we’re trying to be sustainable,” summarizes vintage fashion expert Cameron Silver.

In all honesty, this decade has been amazing for fashion. Do you know how much we have evolved in the last 10 years and I really thank God that we did because some of the fashion that we were wearing at the start of the 2010s was honestly just wow. I even get second-hand embarrassment speaking about it, I mean I have an excuse for why I used to dress the way that I did at the start of this decade, for 1: my mother used to dress me and 2: I was a child but for the rest of your fashionistas what is your excuse??? We really have to thank Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr because if it wasn’t for these apps I really don’t know where would be with fashion, they were the pioneers behind the popularity of fast fashion and this is where our inspiration has basically come from over the last 10 years and I guess we can have to thank the Internet too as well as technology in general.

Do you know the craziest thing about this decade, is that before I really thought about it I didn’t think that we would be remembered for any particular fashion moment; because do you know how the 90s, it was all about everything oversized and denim jackets then we had the 80s which was colourful, shoulder pads and dancewear and then we had the 70s which involved flares, tassels and big hair, the 60s was the birth of the a-line skirt, the phase-in fashion where women truly realise like yeah this is us and this is how we want to dress. However, then I realised that I might be wrong because we did have a couple of fashion moments this year for example festival fashion truly became a thing in the 2010s but then again festival fashion was a sample of fashion from the 70s the hipster era so at the same time I don’t know. And another thing with this decade is the fact that fashion trends came back aka they were recycled. We saw the revival of floral prints from the 80s, mom jeans from the 90s and Juicy Couture tracksuits from the 2000s so nothing was really original everything was sort of something that we had seen before but in a  more mature way and more suited for our generation and this era. Despite all of this do not get it twisted, as I said at the beginning this was an amazing decade for fashion, this was the most comfortable fashion had ever been as in this was the birth of streetwear!


Image result for leggings street style

Athleisure wear

Image result for Athleisurewear

asymmetric dresses

Image result for asymmetric dresses runway

high low skirts/ dresses

Image result for high low dresses fashion week

High waisted everything

Image result for high waisted jeans lfw

skater skirts

Image result for skater skirt taylor swift

crop tops

Image result for crop tops pfw

ripped jeans

Image result for ripped jeans nyfw

high rise socks

Image result for nike high rise socks outfit

logo mania

Related image

mom jeans

Image result for mom jeans nyfw


Image result for chokers fashion week


Image result for sunglasses fashion week

layered necklaces

Image result for layered necklaces fashion week

faux fur

Image result for faux fur fashion week

Shoe trends of the Decade!

Shoe trends of the Decade!

I did bags of the decade so I thought why not do you shoes of the decade. I can’t remember who said it but one creative director claimed that we are in the most comfortable phase of fashion and I could not agree more because if you think about it, if you look at the way that we used to dress 10 years ago compared to now it’s way more laid back. I mean athleisurewear is now part of fashion, we now wear trainers with dresses, joggers are no longer just loungewear or gym wear but part of our outfits. I think this is why I love doing a blog post like this, taking a look back at how far we’ve come over the last decade in terms of trends and comparing what to what we used to wear then to what we wear now. It’s just so fascinating to me, I mean who doesn’t love a walk down memory lane?????

I can’t lie to you me and shoes, where can I really start.  I’ve gone through probably 1000 pairs of shoes in my lifetime and most of which I hate to say I never wore. I Always mention this on my blog posts but my mother was a really ahead of her time, when I tell you this woman has bought me shoes that weren’t even trendy then but actually trendy now. She is the reason I think I am the style icon that I am today but the weird thing is is that back then I never liked them and now I kick myself at the fact that I never wore them!

The older I’ve become the more I have run away from actual actual shoes and the more I’ve been drawn to trainers. And I was really debating whether or not to do you a post on trainers of the decade but then again I was like there are so many shoe phases that we went through this last decade that it would be a shame for me to just focus solely on trainers so for all you shoe fanatics here is the blog post that you’ve all been waiting for;

2010 – Valentino Rockstud
Image result for Valentino Rockstud

These have to be the girliest most classiest heels you could ever wear and really represent the phase of fashion that we were in during 2010

2011 – Balenciaga Ceinture Boots
Image result for Balenciaga Ceinture Boots

For me, these boots will forever be a classic and whether or not they’re in fashion this 2020 you will see me wearing them because they are BEAUTIFUL and go with EVERYTHING

2012 – Christian Louboutin lady peep 150 patent calf
Image result for christian louboutins gossip girl

I used to LOVE these shoes, I used to see my style icons Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen rocking them and then I grew up

2013 – Wedge Sneaker
Image result for Wedge Sneaker pinterest

These were just a big fat NO and I thank god every day that they died in 2012 because these are a pair of shoes that should never re-enter our lives

2014 – Stuart Weitzman Highland Over the Knee Boots
Image result for Stuart Weitzman Highland Over the Knee Boots

To this day these are the IT over the knee boots and to this day I still need to purchase myself a pair for winter!

2015 – Stan Smith Sneaker
Related image

The day stan smiths were re-released in 2014/2015 was the day my sneaker addiction began and ever since then I never looked back

2016 – Gucci Fur-Lined Loafer
Image result for Gucci Fur-Lined Loafer

A true fashionista will own a pair of these because just wow, Gucci really did something here and really and truly speaking 2017 AND 2016 was their year!

2017 – Balenciaga Speed Trainers
Image result for balenciaga speed trainer

Never been a fan of these and quite frankly I never will be. They need to be left in the previous decade

2018 – Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers
Related image

The KING of sneakers. POINT. BLANK. PERIOD.

2019 – Bottega Veneta Stretch Sandals
Image result for Bottega Veneta Stretch Sandals

These kitten heels dominated summer 19 and were everywhere on the high street and my Instagram!

Bags of the decade!

Bags of the decade!

Happy New Year!!!!! Can you believe that we have made it into the next decade? This is so crazy to me!!! Do you know how much has happened in the last 10 years???? I have finished primary school, high school, sixth form and made it to university all during that time. I have grown so much as a person over the last 10 years and can only hope to grow further as I enter this new era of my life;  this could be the decade where my career strives, the decade where I truly begin my life, It’s actually insane!

Do you know how many trends we have gone through in the last decade and to think I wasn’t even aware of half of them because I was so young! It has been a minute since I last spoke about bags, me aka the bag connoisseur??? Can you believe it? But it’s okay because we are about to jump back into time and reminisce on the bags of the decade! Personally, I think before the rise of influencers gossip girl was the source for the ‘IT’ bag because I mean who didn’t adore Blair and Serena’s style?? Then after that, I feel as though we went through a very dry patch in 2013 because Instagram didn’t really take over until late 2014, well in my opinion anyway.

I think the craziest thing to think whilst writing this blog post is the fact that all of these bags were part of a phase within fashion and the question is, will they ever be “trendy” again or will they stay in the 10s??? For example, look at the Givenchy Antigona bag, that was the edgy girl phase and a bag I thought would remain a classic but I was clearly wrong, then the Valentino stud was part of the girly Tumblr girl phase; one I hated and a phase of confusion for my sense of style, the mulberry was the hipster phase fueled by Serena Van der Woodsen on gossip girl and so on, I’m sure you get what I’m trying to say now.

2010 – Mulberry Alexa bag
Image result for alexa chung mulberry bag

Can’t lie to you, I’ve never had an opinion on this bag, for me, it’s just confusing. Is it a mini briefcase? Is it a work bag? Is it casual? We just thank god that we have passed this phase and that this bag never became a classic.

2011 – Flat clutches
Image result for flat comme de garcon clutch

I don’t know about you but I’m still carrying flat clutches in 2020, the only difference being that they went from a day bag to a night bag. For me a clutch is so impractical for the day, my hands need to be free and I need to be able to fit everything in there! But then again 2011 we had smaller phones and we weren’t as obsessed with makeup as we are now so everything could essentially fit once upon a time.

2012 – Goyard Bags
Image result for goyard bag

Fun fact; this bag in case you didn’t know came back into fashion summer of this year. However, it was more an airport bag than a fashionable one. Can’t lie at first I thought this was a Givenchy bag, not my proudest moment.

2013 – Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bags
Image result for Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bags

So this is the bag that was responsible for the whole bucket bag trend in 2013 and I would also say that this also sparked the popularity of fast fashion because it was practically the start of ‘dupes”

2014 – Valentino Rockstud Bags
Image result for Valentino stud lock Bag

2014 was the year when my passion for fashion was truly awakened and all I ever saw was this bag, this was the girly phase of fashion before streetwear took over. During this time Tumblr still dominated the fashion blog sense and Instagram wasn’t yet popping!

2015 – Givenchy Antigona Bag
Image result for givenchy antigona

First released in 2011, the Givenchy Antigona didn’t become popular until 2015. This was the go-to bag for every Kardashian- Jenner and the sole reason why it became so popular. This was the foundation of influencer marketing.

2016 – Chloé Drew Bags
Image result for Chloé Drew Bag

2016 was the year Instagram bloggers started thriving and we saw bloggers follow Chiara Ferrangi’s footsteps as they started attending fashion weeks with of course their Chloe Drew bag at their side.

2017 – Cult Gaia “Ark” Bags
Image result for Cult Gaia "Ark" Bags

Really and truly, I couldn’t think of a specific bag or bag trend that dominated 2017 so I had to google and this came up? I’m not sure if I went through a phase of amnesia or what but I don’t remember this bag being the IT bag, I just remember it being a bag.

2018 – Micro Bags
Image result for designer micro bag

Micro bags were so big during 2018 that they still were the trend in 2019, I think I must’ve written at least two blog posts on them in the last two years. When I tell you JAQUEMUS is the KING of micro bags, they literally get smaller, cuter and more impractical by the season. We really love to see it.

2019 – saddle bags
Image result for dior saddle bag

Personally I think the come back of the saddlebag was fuelled by the 90s trend of the shoulder bag which also came back into fashion earlier this year and will be a trend that will continue into 2020 especially with pradas new release of their sold put nylon bag!