“Gqom is the future” – Distruction Boyz

“Gqom is the future” – Distruction Boyz

These days it seems like no matter where you’re from or where you live there is a high chance that if you’re African you know what gqom is. Evolved from Kwaito, tribal house and skeletal hip-hop influences, gqom – a word meaning “hit” or “drum” in Zulu is taking the world by storm and one of the pioneers behind it’s growing popularity is DISTRUCTION BOYZ. Every song produced the duo makes you want to get up on your feet and dance regardless of whether or not you can! Their album ‘Gqom is the Future” is one of the biggest and hottest albums released last year in South Africa,  – the biggest hit from the album was Omunye which reached beyond South Africa and become globally known as it featured in this years blockbuster movie of the year – Black Panther. The song was replayed more times than I can count and I’d stretch as far as to say it was the party anthem of the year!

Who are your musical influences?

We are mostly influenced by the mordern day culture artists like okmaloomkoolkat,Dj Tira amd diplo

How did you come up with the name Distruction Boyz?

We used to make mixtapes for the end of school term parties and people ended up naming us distruction boyz ‘coz our mixtapes where fire

How would you describe life growing up in Kwa-mashu?

It was amazing we used to play a lot its an amazing township

How did you guys meet and why did you decide to produce music together as a group rather than as individuals?

We grew up together and our parents were friends before we were even born it wasnt a difficult decision to make since we have been together all our lives.

How would you describe your sound in 5 words?

Bold,Hyponotic,Fresh,electric and powerful

Why do you believe that Gqom is the future?

The way the sound has grown in the past couple of years and its current standing shows that it has a great future in the industry

Who has been your favourite artist to work with and who do you hope to work with in the future?

Dladla mshunqisi he is an amazing artist and performer.We would love to work with anyone that believes in the movement

What was the vision when you started Distruction Boyz records?

Pushing the gqom movement in different avenues giving as many gqom artists out there as possible

When you first released Omunye did you ever expect it to be this big of a hit not only in South Africa but around the world?

We believed in it but we were also surprised when it won song of the year here in south africa.

What is your all time favourite song that you have ever produced and why?

It has to be Uzophuza Manzi its the one song that was able to get us recognition

What are your plans/ goals for the rest of 2018?

More music and getting the sound to all the corners of the world

 I would like to thank Distruction Boyz for this interview, I cannot wait to see what is to come ahead for them in the future!
Vusi Nova aka Music Royalty

Vusi Nova aka Music Royalty

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of interviewing the incredibly talented Mr Vusi Nova. Vusi Nova is one of my all time favourite South African artists, his music is soulful, full of passion and it honestly makes you want to fall in love and find that one person that you want to spend the rest of your entire life with It’s that amazing! I don’t want him to sing at my wedding, I need him to! I love everything about his sound and but most importantly I love how he incorporates his  Xhosa roots in his music, his  album NANINA is 99.9% Xhosa and it is such a vibe, whether or not you understand xhosa you need to listen to it because trust me when I say that you will fall in love with this man just as I have.

Vusi  was named “Music Royalty “after he performed his song “Ndikuthandile” in front of a crowd that loved his music. The SAMA 23 came and saw the afro pop sensation being nominated and winning an award for the Nanina album. 2017 being the year for Vusi Nova, afro pop singer also won 2 awards at the South African Afro Music Awards in 2017, winning Best Afro Album and Best male.

When did you first get into music? was becoming a musician always part of the plan? 

I come from a family that was musical in a church way, it was my mom who really inspired me to pursue my dreams. My mother was my number 1 supporter and she inspired me after me joining her in JHB to start performing.

Who are your musical influences?

It would have to be R Kelly and Marvin Gaye. R Kelly has this way of fusing the old school with the new school, and that’s what I try to do in South Africa with my music as well. With Marvin Gaye, he is classic, and how he uses love in his music is amazing.

How would you describe your sound in 5 words?

Hmmm wow – Love, Life, experiences, hurt and blessings

What made you finally decide that it was time to take charge and follow your dreams of becoming a musician? 

It was my mom; she was the one who encouraged me to pursue my dreams. She always believed in me.

What inspires you when writing music because a lot of your songs revolve around love, have you yourself ever been in love?  

I am a firm believer in love, I believe in that Cliché love – love can heal the world. So the music I write is about my experiences, about love found and love lost, love for family, friends, heart ache and everything in between. That is all in my music. Oh, and I have been in love, and when I was it was blissful and amazing, that when it ended I was heartbroken. However, music is very therapeutic in that it helped me get over a lot of things. My love

What can we expect to see from your music wise in the next coming months?

I’m back in the studio now, since Naninina I have experienced life a bit more and I’m ready to express that through music as well. So I’m working on some new material.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

I’d love to be travelling all over the continent, world. I’d also love to be mentoring other artists, there are so many talented artists in SA that we haven’t discovered yet

What is your favourite song from Naninina and why? 

How can you make me choose, wow. I love my entire album, so I can’t choose one but I can try and give you my best 5 – Naninina, Ndikuthandile, Thandiwe, Impazamo and Memeza.

What is your proudest achievement so far in your career? 

Well for the first time in 2017 I won BEST AFRO POP ALBUM for my album Naninina, at the South African Music Awards (SAMAs), and at the South African Afro Music Awards, I walked away with BEST MALE and BEST AFRO Album as well which was a total shock for me. However, I must say one of the proudest moments has been mentoring 047 – this young afro soul group of boys who are incredible. They have grown so much, and they’re actually working on their first studio album. When I say Vusi has to sing at my wedding I mean it with every part of my body,

What advice would you give to all South Africans our there who want to start a career in the music industry?

It’s really not what it seems. Don’t look at the flashy cars and houses and assume that’s exactly how it will be from the get go. If music is really what you want to do, make sure you understand every aspect of the music industry, and you’re also willing to work hard.

Thank you again to Vusi for doing this interview with me! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

Connect with Vusi on:

Twitter: @VusiNova

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Instagram: @vusinova1