Boiler suits; Fashions “IT” piece of the moment

Boiler suits; Fashions “IT” piece of the moment

Can’t lie to you boiler suits are so ugly but they’re so ugly that they’re fashionable, to me they’re like the dad sneaker of clothing. As ugly as they are you can’t hate them. The boiler suit is the piece of the moment and has been since the end of summer 2018 (despite them being around since 2017)  – I remember seeing them in Topshop and Urban Outfitters and being like WTAF is this, fashion has lost its mind but as time went on, the more I saw them the more I fell in like with them – like not in love ….. yet. I tried one in recently and I can tell you that they’re comfortable, effortlessly cool, universally flattering and super versatile. There is nothing sexy about a boilersuit, however, the great thing about them is that you can style them to fit your own personal style/ personality – I like to wear mine with a belt to emphasise my waist and bring out my curves!

The boilersuit is originally a loose-fitting workman’s garment meant for hard labour hence why it is built for movement and comfort, for electricians and airport ground control. I mean fashion is fashion who knows what we could be rocking next?

Here are some of my favourites ATM;



Hollister belted boilersuit ASOS DESIGN boilersuit in snake animal print Weekday denim boilersuit in ecru

 Pretty Little Thing

Red Tortoise Button Belted Denim Boilersuit image 1 Ecru Denim Boilersuit image 4 Petite Khaki Utility Jogger Jumpsuit image 4

Urban Outfitters

Slide View: 5: UO Rosie Pink Utility Jumpsuit Slide View: 3: UO Hey Sunshine Lilac Playsuit Slide View: 1: UO Rosie Utility Jumpsuit


Carousel Image 0 Carousel Image 0 Carousel Image 0




Victoria’s Secret Has a problem and it Needs to be fixed ASAP!

Victoria’s Secret Has a problem and it Needs to be fixed ASAP!

When Victoria’s Secret was founded in 1977, it was revolutionary and today it is known as the biggest lingerie company in the world – it is the parent to the brand Pink (which I was obsessed with in my pre-adolescent years), they have come out with swimwear, pyjamas, sportswear etc. Victoria secret do everything but casual clothing at this point. However to no one’s surprise, in recent months or should I say for the last couple of years, sales have been declining. Their annual VS Fashion show has not even been able to save them, in fact, it is a major contributing factor to this. The show is no longer praised or glorified like before, instead, it has been receiving a lot of criticism for its lack of diversity and for the fact that it continues to project a very specific idea of beauty – Tall and Skinny, sadly that is all Victoria Secret know.

“Victoria’s Secret needs to fundamentally shift its marketing,” Harrington notes. “It’s clear the ‘Angels’ are no longer resonating with the American public. When the Angels campaign first debuted in the 1990s (shortly after Wonderbra’s “Hello Boys” campaignthis link opens in a new tab), it was revolutionary. Most lingerie brands in America did not advertise to the public, and they certainly didn’t use supermodels, much less stage full runway shows. However, the conversation has shifted. People no longer want to be told what is beautiful; they want to be told they’re beautiful as-is. Victoria’s Secret is either willfully unaware of that shift or has chosen to ignore it, which is being reflected in their sales.”

This is the one brand that I truly believe to be ignorant in regards to their business decisions, I understand that they have a specific brand image to uphold but surely a little change never hurt anyone, I mean fashion itself is constantly changing, what was in trend last year may not be in trend as of now e.g. cycling shorts were not a thing until late 2017. To me, it seems as if they are purposely ignoring the change in trends and mindsets of its consumers. People no longer care about being ‘perfect’ (that is even if there was ever such thing as having the perfect body), we want to see real people, real life realistic body types of all shapes, sizes and heights because we are real people and we’re tired of brands like this not embracing all types of beautiful. Everyone needs to be represented but it seems that Victoria Secret don’t know how to do this because their show and brand are meant to be a “fantasy”. But we’re over this whole fantasy and very soon everyone will be over Victoria’s secret. I hate to say it but Victoria’s Secret has lost their touch.




Can’t get a hermes birkin? Grab yourself the RL50 handbag

Can’t get a hermes birkin? Grab yourself the RL50 handbag

At this point, I may as well dedicate my blog to bags because that is all I ever seem to talk about.  Have you ever come across anyone that talks about bags as much as I do? Its an obsession I can’t wait to feed when my finances finally match my desired lifestyle. Like I said before I am going to have an entire room for my bags alone and I’m guessing I’ll need fingerprint key access because I can guarantee you my bag collection will cost A LOT.  The good thing is that if you ever need a bag you know where to come x

So today we’re talking about my new discovery the RL50 handbag aka the next best thing to a Birkin. If you’re on the waiting list for a Birkin and are just as impatient as I am and you’re not looking to buy a second-hand bag or some cheap knockoff then I think this is the bag for you. Although there may be cheaper alternatives on those Instagram sites it really isn’t worth it. I’ve said it time and time again and I will say it again bags, especially designers ones are investment pieces, they are so much more than just accessories, why else do you think the Birkin increases in price every year? Also, this is the RL50 bag one that represents the core values and classic aesthetic that underline the Ralph Lauren brand so I know for a fact that in the next 25 years this bag will be worth way more than the£1,655.00 that it is worth right now. You know how people invest in housing projects, I invest in bags.

Image result for rl50 bag  Image result for hermes birkin

You cannot tell me that these don’t look alike? There are obviously difference like the gold detailing and buckles but the overall structure is the same – it’s sort of a hybrid of the Celine luggage bag and the Birkin. tell me I’m lying.

The full collection doesn’t launch until June 🙁 but until then we can start saving our pennies! –

The best of PFW; ZENDAYA X Tommy Hilfiger

The best of PFW; ZENDAYA X Tommy Hilfiger

Zendaya first hit our screens in 2010 on one of my all-time favourite childhood shows – shake it up and I have to say every single year without fail I have grown to admire her more and more as time goes on, she has grown and evolved into such a beautifully incredible woman. She is someone I have looked up to for so many years, she is a role model to me and so many more. So you can imagine how excited I was when I heard that she was collaborating with Tommy Hilfiger! Tommy has been in the game for so many years, the brand is loved by so many thanks to the 90s. Were you really a celeb in the 90s if you weren’t photographed wearing Tommy at least once at some point in you’re career? The answer you’re looking for is nope. I don’t think so.

Can I just add that Zendaya was not alone in this venture, she had the help of her stylist —  America’s Next Top Model judge, the gas to her vehicle — Law Roach. The two came together and broke boundaries on another different level in the fashion and modelling industry. Could this be the best year for POC in the fashion world yet? 2019 is looking bright for us and I could not be more excited about this.

Models walk the runway during the Tommy Hilfiger TOMMYNOW Spring 2019 TommyXZendaya Premieres at Theatre des...

“Size-inclusivity has been important to me always — if women in my family can’t all wear it, I don’t want to make it,” She told Hilfiger, “I want to make a show inspired by the women who made it possible for me to be in the position where I am now. Honestly, I just wanted to say “thank you” to them through this show. I said to Tommy, ‘If we do a show, this is what it needs to be about.’ And Tommy said, ‘Great. Go for it.’ And he actually meant it. I mean, look.

The show featured 59 black models, yes 59 BLACK MODELS, one more time in case you didn’t get it, a whole 59 BLACK MODELS aged 18 to 70—including some of the women of colour Zendaya wanted to thank for their influence in fashion, Hollywood, and beyond. She had the legends Pat Cleveland (who, according to a statement from Tommy Hilfiger, was the first black supermodel), Veronica Webb (the first African American to sign a major cosmetics contract with Revlon), Beverly Johnson, Veronica Webb, and Beverly Peele walking the show, along with Pat Cleveland, who said backstage, “Zendaya talked to me about the Battle of Versailles, about Studio 54 and the ’70s and ’80s… she really wanted somebody who had been there and lived it on the runway. In a way, I think this show is really based on the story of my life.”

Zendaya attends Tommy Hilfiger TOMMYNOW Spring 2019 TommyXZendaya on March 02 2019 in Paris France.

At the mere age of 22, Zendaya is making history!!!!! She was able to show the entire industry how to put together an inclusive fashion show by featuring a size-diverse cast composed solely of black models. There was even full body and age diversity with the hair and makeup by the one and only iconic black pioneers – Pat McGrath and Kim Kimble. It’s really that easy, yet multiple brands still struggle with this. People need to do better, to be honest, because at this point in time something like this should be the norm it shouldn’t be something that we should have to celebrate and emphasise!

Let me give y’all a little history lesson; the inspiration behind her gloriously groovy show dates back to 1973, a time when France and America’s top designers (think Givenchy and Dior, Halston and Oscar de la Renta) faced off in Paris in the “Battle of Versailles,” a challenge to see whether America could overcome its reputation of being the “poor country cousin to French couture,” as WWD explained in an interview with Zendaya. The Americans wound up the victor, thanks to modern designs and designer Stephen Burrows’ casting of black models who brought it on the runway with “fun-loving attitudes and moves” that “stole the show” reports WWD. They also broke major ground for future women of colour. It’s from this headline-making show that Zendaya and her stylist, Law Roach, told WWD that they drew inspiration.

My favourite pieces from the collection;

(I know most of these are sold out but they may come back into stock and they’re just too cute not to add)









Is the Perspex Heel the most popular heel right now?

Is the Perspex Heel the most popular heel right now?

Is it just me or are Perspex heels the only type of heel people seem to be wearing these days?? A trend adored by multiple celebrities and possibly fuelled by Kim K supporting her husbands beloved brand YEEZY?? Nothing shoes aka the Perspex or Lucite and ecru-tone piece of minimalist footwear are practically the only heel that seems to exist right now in the world of Instagram influencers and of course us because what would influencers be if they didn’t influence us? Then again who can really blame them when they go with EVERYTHING in EVERY COLOUR AND EVERY SINGLE PATTERN – I mean they are literally transparent, so it would kind of be a crime if they didn’t go with every outfit in your closet. Am I right or am I right? Plus they remind me of Cinderella’s glass slipper and it is every girl dream to be a princess!

The clear heeled shoe has to be one of the most fascinating shoe trends to hit the industry because of their history –  once upon a time, they were synonymous with the stripper look so who would have ever thought we’d see them on the SS19 runway for the likes of Balmain, Christian Dior and Chanel? The world is full of surprises! But like I always say (in almost every blog post at this point) fashion is always evolving and is reinvented time and time again to fit the new generation of consumers aka you and me. We as the new generation are into modernity these days and the Perspex heel is what I and many fashion critics would call futuristic in its style – it literally looks like something out of those into the future films from the 80s. Additionally, we are now living in a society where women are no longer shamed for what they wear nor do they care (well in the western world), they are also in control of their sexualities so of course, the perspex is going to be popular, it is a sexy ass shoe!

The Perspex first hit the runway in 2013 on the MBFW Spring/Summer runways and since then they have only gone from strength to strength increasing in popularity with time. Fast-forward to 2019 and everyone has a pair. If you don’t what are you doing with your life? Now we have boot versions, neon, mules and sandals, the Perspex has truly evolved and you better get your hands on one of these before the end of summer;

High Street

Spotlight Perspex Court Heels In Black Patent Slice Strappy Perspex High Heels in Nude Lemonade Perspex Wedge Mule In Nude Faux Suede Image 1

Juan Fishnet Perspex Heel In Black Faux Suede Image 2 Bello Perspex Lace Up Block Heel In Yellow Faux Suede Image 2 Brooke Block Heel Perspex Peep Toe Mule In Yellow Patent Image 2