Beauty products you Need from beautybay this summer!

Beauty products you Need from beautybay this summer!

I have recently been doing a bit of spring cleaning and in the last couple of weeks I have cleared out my my entire wardrobe and makeup draw ready for the summer! My mother calls me a hoarder which I think is nonsense. Every single year without fail she has managed to secretly get rid of a couple of my things and either thrown them away or given them to other people. However this year instead of waiting for her to do it again I decided that It would be best if I did it myself. I hate spring cleaning and I hate getting rid of things especially those that are sentimental to me and hold a lot of memories but sometimes it needs to be done in order to make space for new and exciting thing in our lives!

Now that I have thrown away all of my old and out of date beauty products I am going to need more makeup and skincare so what better place to go than the land of beauty bay! If you live in the UK and have never heard of beautybaty, where have you been living for the last couple of years? It is the go to when it comes to beauty products, they have an amazing range of products from ABH to Morphe, I mean what more could you want!

Beautybay Summer wishlist

Soul Scene; Gucci’s pre-fall campaign

Soul Scene; Gucci’s pre-fall campaign

Back in January I told you guys all about Gucci’s pre- fall campaign. The Luxury fashion house teased us with a series of audition videos on Instagram which solely featured people of colour. The models were asked what soul meant to them and were asked to dance for the camera and now we finally know the whole idea behind the audition tapes as just over a week ago Gucci officially released the campaign titled “soul scene”.

Gucci’s pre-fall campaign takes inspiration from ’60s influences, including England’s underground Northern Soul movement, sparked by black American soul music. The inspiration for soul scene also came from the recent exhibition, Made You Look, at London’s Photographer’s Gallery, which focused on black masculinity and dandyism.

Creative director Alessandro Michele did an amazing job with this ad campaign! It celebrates young people who are not afraid to express themselves through art, performance and dance. The campaign explores freedom of self expression and and flamboyancy. It is fun, colourful, creative, vibrant, energetic, beautiful, different and extremely uplifting!

I am so proud of how far the fashion industry has come in the last couple of years and it can only get better from here! The industry is taking notable steps towards a more representative and positive future. And Kanye West and Gucci are leading the way to a more diverse industry which I am so proud to be apart. As a black woman in the industry it is incredible to see the industry evolve.

Shop the collection;

Women’s Pre-Fall 2017

Men’s Pre-Fall 2017

Portofino; the most beautiful Piazzetta in the world.

Portofino; the most beautiful Piazzetta in the world.

A few months ago I came across the village of Portofino and I instantly fell in love. Portofino is hands down one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my entire life! It may sound like an exaggeration but it truly is. The village is so incredibly breath taking and like nothing that I have ever seen before.

It is no surprise that this is a go to destination for the super rich and famous! You cannot go wrong with Pastel-colored houses, high-end boutiques and seafood restaurants, a small cobbled square overlooking the harbor, lined with super-yachts, you will feel like you have gone back to the 1950’s and 60’s! Portofino is a place of history, beauty, luxury, adventure. It might even be one of the most instagramable places you’ll ever see and I cannot wait for the day that I get to experience it for myself!

What to do and where to eat;


Missguided Summer Wishlist

Missguided Summer Wishlist

Summer is just around the corner and I am so unbelievably excited. I am so ready to be done with school, early mornings and exams. I am ready to have the summer of life! But of course no summer is complete without the perfect summer wardrobe. If you ask me life is too short to wear boring clothes and missguided is the perfect place to take a risk with your wardrobe this summer. Their clothes are made for the modern woman and their summer collection does not disappoint this year. Add some ripped denim, fishnets and bralets to your summer wardrobe this year and have fun!

My Missguided summer wishlist;



Topshop Bride; limited edition bridal collection

Topshop Bride; limited edition bridal collection

Have you seen the Topshop bride collection yet? Yesterday Topshop launched their very own bridal collection which includes five limited-edition bridal dresses in a range of silhouettes, including strapless, tie-shoulder and Bardot styles. And the Bridesmaids collection includes 25 different dresses to choose from, that’s right 25 dresses perfect for any occasion! Each style is aesthetic and elegantly designed, perfect for a summer wedding!

Who knew a collection so simple could be so beautiful at the same time but i guess it’s true what they say- less is definitely more.Think bias-cut satin, floral appliqués in silk organza, draped lace and fine tulle prom designs. soft cold-shoulder gowns with ruffles, cowl tie satin slips and cape-sleeved maxi dresses. Absolutely beautiful!

The Topshop Bride  line not only includes bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses but also lingerie and accessories too! They have honestly thought of everything! This collection is perfect for the laid back bride who would love an outdoor wedding.

The Topshop bride line;


Beauty Trends we can’t stop obsessing over this spring/summer!

Beauty Trends we can’t stop obsessing over this spring/summer!

Although we may not follow them as religiously, just like fashion there are trends within makeup, we mostly see them on the runway or on celebrities but you rarely see the average person testing out beauty trends. But why not change that? Take a risk this summer, be bold and try one of these beauty trends!

This season it’s all about water colours of every colour, skin so glowy it’s almost illegal, and all around total gorgeousness. The stand out looks at this years runway shows were brighter and bolder than ever before, inspired the most colourful decade ever – the 80s. Even though the 80s were an absolutely tragic era for fashion it was a truly revolutionary era for beauty and makeup. It was a decade in which people started to see the art within makeup and turn away from simple looks to start experimenting and seeing how they could enhance every single feature of their face.

Beauty trends of the season;

  • Glitter lips – Last year, Pat McGrath introduced us to the beauty of glitter dusted lips and it’s going to be a big hit this spring. it’s a lot more wearable than you think!
  • Red lippy – will red lipstick ever go out of trend? I don’t think so, at least not anytime soon.

  • ‘no make up’ radiance – This spring its about simplicity and maintaining a radiant glow so it never looks as though you’re trying too hard.
  • Colour  – Spring/ summer is all about colour with a twist – colour is no longer just for you eyelids! 
Fine dining; Michelin star restaurants in Rome

Fine dining; Michelin star restaurants in Rome

Italy is a country that is well known for it’s amazing food so it is no surprise that there are many amazing Michelin star restaurants in Rome. They offer creative and surprising interpretations of international, Mediterranean and traditional Roman cuisine! If you’re a lover of gourmet foods like myself you will be overwhelmed with choices of fine dining in Rome.

La Pergola 

Located inside the 5-star Rome Cavalieri Hotel, this renowned luxury hotel restaurant has magnificent city panoramas from the roof.along with serving gourmet Italian cuisine. There is even a wine cellar with 53,000 bottles from 1888 to the present, talk about a range of choice! The decor includes rare tapestries, paintings, sculptures, and blown glass give the restaurant an atmosphere of class, luxury, and excellence. It is rated 3 stars in the Michelin guide, La Pergola is routinely voted the best in Rome, one of the best in Italy, and one of the best in the world.



Rome is full of amazing restaurants with amazing views and amazing cuisine, but very few of them are able to combine the two in such an effective way as Imàgo. Great swathes of glass give a fantastic panoramic view of Rome. And a great culinary staff serve up a memorable meal, made to the highest standards.

il pagliaccio

This 2 star restaurant is located near the Tiber in the heart of the city focuses on modern, stimulating cuisine. Though many of their dishes are based on Italian classics, you may not recognise them as such. Their dishes are arranged with the utmost care; it seems almost a crime to ingest such works of art.

Oliver Glowig

Oliver Glowig is located in the midst of the Borghese gardens, with the Aldrovandi, Villa Borghese hotel. This beautiful setting means outdoor dining is a real treat at Oliver Glowig. The cuisine here occupies a middle ground between traditional and experimental gastronomy, with new and exciting dishes based on old ingredients and traditions.

La Terrazza

It is worth eating at La Terrazza solely for the view. All of Rome’s legendary skyline is visible from the top floor. Coupled with its impressive variety of dishes and the quality with which they are crafted and presented, La Terrazza is a very compelling choice for dinner in Rome.