I have recently been doing a bit of spring cleaning and in the last couple of weeks I have cleared out my my entire wardrobe and makeup draw ready for the summer! My mother calls me a hoarder which I think is nonsense. Every single year without fail she has managed to secretly get rid of a couple of my things and either thrown them away or given them to other people. However this year instead of waiting for her to do it again I decided that It would be best if I did it myself. I hate spring cleaning and I hate getting rid of things especially those that are sentimental to me and hold a lot of memories but sometimes it needs to be done in order to make space for new and exciting thing in our lives!

Now that I have thrown away all of my old and out of date beauty products I am going to need more makeup and skincare so what better place to go than the land of beauty bay! If you live in the UK and have never heard of beautybaty, where have you been living for the last couple of years? It is the go to when it comes to beauty products, they have an amazing range of products from ABH to Morphe, I mean what more could you want!

Beautybay Summer wishlist