How to wear althleisure like a celebrity

How to wear althleisure like a celebrity

Is it just me or are the late 90s and early 2000s coming back more popular than ever? I am a 2000s baby and I love 90s fashion so for me this is a dream come true but for most of you it’s probably a spot of dejavu.

If you thought athleisure wear was popular last year,you haven’t seen anything yet as I predict that it will hit its peak this year in the year of 2017. Never has it ever been more acceptable than it is now to wear your workout clothes outside of the gym. The rise of athleisure wear has called for traditional designers and high street stores around the world to release their own collections or in some cases collaborate with sports brands such as adidas to create their own collections to cater to the mass of people following this rapidly growing trend. Going from the gym to the office has never looked so good! 

Before athleisure wear became so popular there was a time that people would rather be caught dead than seen in joggers and a baggy tshirt but now everyone embraces it; paring joggers with heels and rocking over sized tshirts with statement jackets to add all that bit of spark to an outfit. You can’t go wrong with the perfect combination of Comfort and style. However there’s a point where it no longer looks cute or chic in anyway and it just looks chavvy (as the British would say). You want to look as effortlessly as possible so that u don’t seem to be trying to hard but when in actual fact you spent the entire night thinking about your outfit ( but no one has to know, that’s our secret). 

Brands such as vestments are fuelling this trend and I Adore their collection of athleisure wear especially their collaboration with champions – a brand that was extremely popular in the late 90s/ early 2000s, the brand is so creative in their way of thinking and how they have put their own personal and unique touch on the the ever growing trend of athleisure wear. 

Many celebrities have been rocking this trend day in and day out so why not cop some of their outfits?

Kim Kardashian West


How to get kim’s look; 






Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner


Get their look;

Unfortunately Bella’s blue vetements blue is out of stick every where but you can get the red.





Where I would spend my February Vacation if I won the lottery

Where I would spend my February Vacation if I won the lottery

2 more weeks and I finally get a chance to relax, the only sad thing is is that i’m not going away this holiday which is very upsetting because I am in desperate need of a vacation, I just need a break from everything and everyone. Sometimes it’s good to get away from reality and get a chance to be alone and spend time with just you and your loved ones and kick back, relax, enjoy life and appreciate everything that it has to offer. Life is so precious and sacred which is why we should make the most of it and travel as much as possible and see as much of he world as we possibly can whilst we’re still active because there so much of the world that is yet to be discovered, we don’t even know the half of it!

Considering that I am of African origin and I go back to South Africa and Zimbabwe every year I still find it hard to believe that I have never been on a safari unless you count seeing elephants and crocodiles on the way to your grandparents house. Recently I was looking for African tour deals online and I stumbled upon Londolozi a company that offers the most luxurious deals and experiences ever! The values of Londolozi are within the name, in Zulu Londolozi translates to protector of all living things and funnily enough Londolozi is a company that is based on eco tourism, (this is where my GCSE geography skills come into use) the aim of ecotourism is to reduce the impact that tourism has, meaning that they try to conserve the environment around them whilst also looking out for the well being of the local people, it is all about creating sustainable travel that Is not only economically beneficial but also environmentally and socially friendly. Although holidays that are based around eco tourism can be expensive they are becoming more and more popular as people are starting to realise just how important the world is and that we need to conserve it as best we can for the future, they are totally worth every penny because as a guest you are educated on the area that you are in and you learn about the history of the local people and how the land came to be or how the animals live etc, there are no other holidays out there like these, they also contribute to sustainable change in helping to keep the environment the way it is for future generations to come it also helps to boost the local economy so that the locals can build hospitals and pay for their education so that they can get well payed jobs and improve their quality of life.

Londolozi offer a range of packages but My favorite has to be Kruger park – Bazaruto, It’s the best of both worlds; a 5 day safari trip and another 5 days on a white sand beach with crystal blue waters. What could be any better than that? You can choose from a platinum and gold package depending on your budget and you can also customise the itinerary to suit your preferences.


The first part of the trip starts off at one of one of Africa’s most luxurious hotels ever – Londolozi in Sabi Sands South Africa close to Kruger National Park, this place has so much to offer from 24 hour safaris to wellness spas. You’ll never be bored. Safaris are once in a lifetime experiences for most people and are like nothing that you will ever experience in your lifetime, this is as close as you will ever get to the big 5 and most of the worlds most well known animals! Safaris are all round great trips whether your going as a family with young kids or as a couple maybe on your honeymoon or even by yourself!

Doesn’t it look amazing? Absolutely breathtaking!

Azura Lodge – Bazaruto

The second part of our journey takes us to Azura lodge on the sandy island of Bazaruto where we will spend 5 nights in a luxurious beach villa, It is located on the largest island in the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique. Hands down you will have the time of your life at this all inclusive beach resort, it has some of the worlds best diving and snorkelling you will ever see, it is also Mozambique’s first luxury eco-boutique retreat.

So that ladies and gentlemen is how I would spend my February vacation if I had the money and i’m pretty sure that I would have one hell of a time!



Riccardo Tisci departs from his role as creative director at Givenchy

Riccardo Tisci departs from his role as creative director at Givenchy

Today is a sad day for the fashion industry as after 12 years and 93 stunning collections as the creative director at Givenchy, Riccardo Tisci has decided to make his exit from the famously chic fashion house. Sadly, his menswear and couture collections shown together in Paris last month were his last collections as a Givenchy designer, so unfortunately we will not be seeing him take his bow at this years upcoming ready- to- wear shows. It is reported that the forthcoming autumn/winter 2017 collection is to be completed by the studio team.

During his years at Givenchy Riccardo was able to revive the house for the new generation of upcoming luxury consumers also known as us, his ideas created a foundation for the future of Givenchy and turned it into the brand that we know and love today, he was a man that was not afraid to try new thing, he took risks, he pushed boundaries, he broke rules that we didn’t even know could be broken,he was open mined and open to anything and everything.

From designing highly embellished haute couture gowns to distinctive graphic sweatshirts, sneakers and sportswear-inspired garments, he did it all! He was able to incorporate street wear into a brand that was once just soley couture. Riccardo lived and breathed life into the brand’s womenswear, menswear and accessories lines, he is regarded as one of the most creative people fashion has ever seen and greatly credited for resurrecting the brand with his dark, sensual and subversive collections over the years.

Tisci was one of the very few luxury designers that embraced diversity when it came to who he hired he always included a range of women and men to wear his clothes – across all ages, backgrounds, ethnicity, religion and gender. He was one of the first designers to cast a transgender model: Lea Twho appeared in the autumn/winter 2010 Givenchy campaign. Tisci was one of the first creative directors to actually engage with the outside world and be able to appeal to the average person which is why Givenchy is so popular and will remain popular for generations to come.

I am going to miss Tsci greatly he was just what Givechy needed, without him I don’t think the french brand would be as poular as it is today, you could say that he came at just the right time. Tisci is selective when it comes to his muses, he was one of the very first designers to appreciate Kim Kardashian, he custom made her wedding dress (talk about friendship goals) following a friendship with her husband Kanye West who loved Riccardo’s menswear and streetwear collections. Before Riccardo Kim Kardashian was looked down upon by so many designers in the industry because of the way in which she became famous but he was able to change their perceptions of her and she is now close friends with almost eveyone who is anyone in the industry.

Riccardo Tisci is loved by so many people around the world, designers, fashion bloggers, critics, models and a ray of celebrities, he’s a very popular guy and will be greatly missed among fashion loves, hopefully he will be back soon but the question is where?

Bernard Arnault, the CEO of LVMH, said in a statement: “The chapter Riccardo Tisci has written with the house of Givenchy over the last 12 years represents an incredible vision to sustain its continuous success, and I would like to warmly thank him for his core contribution to the house’s development.” Tisci’s comments gave nothing away: “I want to thank the LVMH group and monsieur Bernard Arnault for giving me the platform to express my creativity over the years. I now wish to focus on my personal interests and passions.”


The Best of Haute Couture

The Best of Haute Couture

Couture week ended just over a week ago and it still forever remains my favourite version of fashion week! Nothing will ever beat couture week for me, it is the most extravagant and elaborate week of fashion.  Although the average person may never be able to afford couture or even know how and where to wear it, it’s always nice to look at and fantasise about. Right?

Of course Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner ruled the couture week runway this year, the models of the moment, they are the Cindy Crawford’s of this generation and will be remembered for generations as the models of the 2010s and the social media queens of our generation.