Can’t lie to you boiler suits are so ugly but they’re so ugly that they’re fashionable, to me they’re like the dad sneaker of clothing. As ugly as they are you can’t hate them. The boiler suit is the piece of the moment and has been since the end of summer 2018 (despite them being around since 2017)  – I remember seeing them in Topshop and Urban Outfitters and being like WTAF is this, fashion has lost its mind but as time went on, the more I saw them the more I fell in like with them – like not in love ….. yet. I tried one in recently and I can tell you that they’re comfortable, effortlessly cool, universally flattering and super versatile. There is nothing sexy about a boilersuit, however, the great thing about them is that you can style them to fit your own personal style/ personality – I like to wear mine with a belt to emphasise my waist and bring out my curves!

The boilersuit is originally a loose-fitting workman’s garment meant for hard labour hence why it is built for movement and comfort, for electricians and airport ground control. I mean fashion is fashion who knows what we could be rocking next?

Here are some of my favourites ATM;



Hollister belted boilersuit ASOS DESIGN boilersuit in snake animal print Weekday denim boilersuit in ecru

 Pretty Little Thing

Red Tortoise Button Belted Denim Boilersuit image 1 Ecru Denim Boilersuit image 4 Petite Khaki Utility Jogger Jumpsuit image 4

Urban Outfitters

Slide View: 5: UO Rosie Pink Utility Jumpsuit Slide View: 3: UO Hey Sunshine Lilac Playsuit Slide View: 1: UO Rosie Utility Jumpsuit


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