When Victoria’s Secret was founded in 1977, it was revolutionary and today it is known as the biggest lingerie company in the world – it is the parent to the brand Pink (which I was obsessed with in my pre-adolescent years), they have come out with swimwear, pyjamas, sportswear etc. Victoria secret do everything but casual clothing at this point. However to no one’s surprise, in recent months or should I say for the last couple of years, sales have been declining. Their annual VS Fashion show has not even been able to save them, in fact, it is a major contributing factor to this. The show is no longer praised or glorified like before, instead, it has been receiving a lot of criticism for its lack of diversity and for the fact that it continues to project a very specific idea of beauty – Tall and Skinny, sadly that is all Victoria Secret know.

“Victoria’s Secret needs to fundamentally shift its marketing,” Harrington notes. “It’s clear the ‘Angels’ are no longer resonating with the American public. When the Angels campaign first debuted in the 1990s (shortly after Wonderbra’s “Hello Boys” campaignthis link opens in a new tab), it was revolutionary. Most lingerie brands in America did not advertise to the public, and they certainly didn’t use supermodels, much less stage full runway shows. However, the conversation has shifted. People no longer want to be told what is beautiful; they want to be told they’re beautiful as-is. Victoria’s Secret is either willfully unaware of that shift or has chosen to ignore it, which is being reflected in their sales.”

This is the one brand that I truly believe to be ignorant in regards to their business decisions, I understand that they have a specific brand image to uphold but surely a little change never hurt anyone, I mean fashion itself is constantly changing, what was in trend last year may not be in trend as of now e.g. cycling shorts were not a thing until late 2017. To me, it seems as if they are purposely ignoring the change in trends and mindsets of its consumers. People no longer care about being ‘perfect’ (that is even if there was ever such thing as having the perfect body), we want to see real people, real life realistic body types of all shapes, sizes and heights because we are real people and we’re tired of brands like this not embracing all types of beautiful. Everyone needs to be represented but it seems that Victoria Secret don’t know how to do this because their show and brand are meant to be a “fantasy”. But we’re over this whole fantasy and very soon everyone will be over Victoria’s secret. I hate to say it but Victoria’s Secret has lost their touch.