Most people who know me, know that one of my all time favourite luxury brands is Gucci. I highly doubt that I am the only person who believes that Gucci were one of the major brands that ruled the year of 2016, their newly famous dionysus bag was on every major fashion bloggers shoulder! I truly feel that they set the bar high this year with many their new releases, this year Gucci managed to do something that most brands struggle with, they were able to revamp themselves to cater to a new and younger audience but still stay true to themselves as a brand and didn’t forget what they represented in the process, which I think is amazing. I honestly fell in love with almost every single product that Gucci released this year, everything was so unique and different and practically never done before, I literally wanted to buy everything!


I am personally a bag and shoe kind of girl but I tried to include a range of products, so here are a few things that I would love to receive this Christmas from my Gucci wishlist;