It can be so hard trying to find hair products that are suited to protective hair styles on the high street but I think I’ve finally found my perfect solutions. Over the last few weeks since I’ve had my braids in I’ve been using the got 2 be oil Licious styling oil, it’s instantly become a favourite for me and my mum, it gives your braids the perfect amount of shine. They look brand new! And it smells like mangoes, and if anyone knows me they know I love mangoes so this is like heaven for me. Personally I think it’s so important for hair products to smell good because after all, this is something you’re applying on your hair and it’s just like your body, you want them both to smell good. The best thing about this is that it’s not greasy like other oils and it doesn’t stick to your hands, it honestly has no faults. I find that the best way to apply the oil is if you first apply 2 pumps into the palm of your hands and then rub it in and then apply it onto the braids, if you feel like you need a little more feel free to add more pumps.

Another product I’ve been trying out is the got 2 be glam force fast dry spray gel. We all know how important it is to keep our baby hairs intact. It took me a while to get used the spray idea but know I honestly can’t go back to using normal gels. The formula is amazing it’s not stiff or sticky in any way and it’s smells so so good, it’s only fault is that it doesn’t last for the entire day but I guess it may depend on how much apply. In my opinion I think that the best way to apply this gel is to spray it directly on the hairs rather than on a towel that way you get as much product as possible but make sure that your hair is damp before hand that way it is easier to lay the hairs when you brush them through. Lastly, the key to this is to ‘set’ the hairs by wrapping a scarf, a headband or some tights over the hairs, this will give them the ultimate lasting power.