I cannot believe We’re already half way through the year. How is it June already? I honesty cannot get over how fast this year is going by. It’s literally flying by and I don’t know how I feel about that, I feel as though I’ve only accomplished a few of my resolutions and now I only have 6 months to try and complete the rest of them!  
It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been a year since I last visited my hometown of Bulawayo because I remember it like it was yesterday. And it’s almost been a year since I went to France with my favourite people. And it’s been 3 years since I went to Amsterdam. It’s unbelievable. The last four years of my life have gone by so quickly for me, it’s kind of hard to comprehend. 
Considering I go to Bulawayo almost every single year without fail you’d think that I’d be an expert by now, but no not really. I still don’t know the city centre but I know the best place for brunch – 26 on park. It was during our first few days in Bulawayo and we’d just come back from the country visiting my grandmother and my Auntie and I were looking for a good place to eat and a friend of my cousin recommended 26 on park. 
It’s situated in the suburbs of Bulawayo away from all the chaos. It’s peaceful and the scenery is beautiful. Not to mention the food is amazing, I would highly recommend this place for breakfast, lunch and dinner.