Every few seasons, designers try to give bum bags or the fanny pack the time of day and usually it’s not very successful. However it seems that this is the year that the bum bag is finally receiving it’s day in the sun. Can’t say I’ve ever really been a huge fan of the bum bag but I feel like the more I see it the less ugly it becomes to me. I have always viewed it as something that you wear to a festival not your average bag. But I feel as though designers are in a way trying to change the way that we view the bum bag with all of these cool designs that they’re releasing recently.

Although they may not go with your outfit, in a way bum bags are quite practical, I mean u don’t have to worry about deals or anything and all your things are right In front of you. If you want to purchase a bum bag I say go for it!

My favourite bum bags on the market right now;