It has taken me a couples of years to truly understand my skin type and what’s best for it. I used to think that I had dry skin but I realised that it was the products that I used that caused my skin to become dry and that In reality I actually had normal skin. However In extremely hot weather conditions I usually end up with oily skin, so every season I have to switch up my routine to suit the weather. I also have to change my foundation but it’s hard to know which ones best for your skin type because the worst thing you could do is spend more than £25 on a foundation that is completely wrong for your skin. But that’s why I’m writing this blog post to make it easier for you!


There are so many different issues when applying foundation to dry skin from a caked finish to flaking skin to emphasising patches of dryness and fine lines, put the wrong foundation on it, and you can end up making things look a whole lot worse – and end up feeling self-conscious while out and about as a result.


The struggle is real when it comes to finding a foundation that controls excess oil and stays in place all day. To say that wearing foundation when you have an oily skin type is tough may be a massive understatement, but it’s not completely impossible. When you have oils skin it’s best to stick to matte foundations and one that are oil free.