I literally feel like crying, summer is sadly over and soon we’ll be going back to our cosy knitwear and huge winter jackets. I feel like 2018 is going by way too fast, before I know it I’ll be going to university! Like WTAF!!!!! That’s so crazy to me. People are not lying when they say that time flies!

Anyways as my last goodbye/ tribute to the summer of 2018, I thought why not reminisce on the hottest trends of the season. In all honesty, I don’t know how I felt about the trends that dominated summer, I feel like I wasn’t really surprised because most of the trends we saw this summer had been on the rise for the last couple of years, they just weren’t mainstream yet. It was just an “Oh people are now wearing this?” type of moment.

In this new generation and era of social media it’s so easy to follow trends, it has never been easier than it is now for people to be inspired especially by “influencers” who are giving us none stop fashion inspo all day every day. We have everything right at the tip of our fingertips – there is no need for us to buy magazines anymore because all the inspiration we could ever need is online in so many different styles on so many different types of people. And that’s what I love most about social media – It’s diverse and no matter what you look like you can find the perfect person to inspire you!


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Topshop was ahead of the game when it came to co-ords! They sold the best denim co-ords and my biggest regret this summer was not getting my hands on one ;(

Bum Bags
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What many people need to learn for future reference is that as fashionable as they are bum bags DO NOT go with EVERYTHING. In all honesty, people really overdid it this year with the bum bags to the point that I got sick of seeing them however if it’s designer I’m not hating x

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who would have ever thought that there would come a day where it was acceptable to wear house shoes outside of the house? Certainly, not me but I mean sliders go with literally anything and everything and they are comfy af so why tf not!

Bandeau Tops
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This was my obsession this summer! God only knows how many bandeaus I bought this summer, they’re just so freaking cute and it was free the nipple season so …….

Cropped Jackets
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I have loved cropped jackets for the longest time! I don’t know why it has taken this long for people to realise how great they are, they are so flattering for my curvy ladies!

Layered Necklaces
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I mean do I really need to comment on this trend, it speaks for itself

Cycling Shorts
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I think we have to thank Kanye for the rise of this trend with everyone wanting to cop the yeezy style. Cycling shorts are one of the best things to happen to fashion to be honest, they are perfect for t-shirt dresses that are a little too short and they loook great with everything from bandeaus, crop tops to my personal favourites – mens jumpers


Cargo trousers
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I’ve already expressed my love for this trend, there’s nothing more that I really need to say. Here’s my blog post – https://ivistoday.co.uk/my-obsession-with-camo/