It has taken me years to. truly understand and appreciate the importance of moisturising, I don’t know why but when I was growing up my mum would literally have to force me to moisturise because I hated it, I didn’t see the point of it and it seemed more like a chore to me than anything else. The funny thing was that I always thought I could get away with not moisturising, only problem being that I was a chocolate kid meaning that you could instantly tell when I hadn’t moisturised because I’d end up looking like Caspar the freaking ghost. But eventually I stopped being a stubborn little brat and came to realise that mom knows best and that moisturising has so many benefits and I have come to love it. It’s now like drinking water to me, it’s a necessity!

Why is Moisturising so Important?


  • It helps to keep the skin looking young which is why black never cracks! The skin on your face is very sensitive to environmental changes and is one of the most frequent areas of the body that is known to develop skin cancer as it is exposed 24/7. The face also shed cells more rapidly than other parts of the body and therefore needs moisture to repair itself, which allows for younger skin cells to rise to the surface. It is also thought that the massaging affect that is used when applying lotion helps stimulate blood circulation and new cell generation.
  • Moisturising everyday reduces skin problems as it can reduce the chances of developing extreme dryness or oiliness which are both harmful for the skin and cause common skin conditions like acne.
  • Moisturising can reduce the appearance of other blemishes. This is because freshly moisturised skin has a healthy sheen, which can even out any existing blemishes. As well as this some moisturisers have some sort of tint or self-tanner that can work with any skin tone to even out the skin.
  • Moisturising helps in fighting wrinkles.  According to the British Journal of Dermatology, people with properly moisturised skin accumulate wrinkles at just a fraction of the rate of those with dry skin.


Finding The Perfect Moisturiser for you

With there being so many moisturisers available on the market, making a decision on which one is right for you can be quite overwhelming and one of the biggest and worst mistakes people make when using products on their skin is using a product that doesn’t necessarily fit their skin type.

Oily: “Look for lotions instead of creams,” advises Dr. Lain. Find formulas that have exfoliating ingredients, such as lactic glycolic and salicylic acids. Find the perfect moisturiser for you!

Dry: Definitely find a cream, especially in the winter weather. “There is more oil in a cream, therefore it is a thicker substance and more moisturizing. The greater the oil content, the better absorption through the skin barriers to hydrate the tissue,” says Dr. Frank. Find the perfect moisturiser for you!

Combination: While Dr. Lain believes this is the hardest skin type to find products for, he recommends “lotions with no acids, something bland such as Cetaphil, Cerave, Aveeno, Neutrogena, or Lubriderm.” Find the perfect moisturiser for you!

Normal: “I always tell people with normal skin to put a very thin layer of ointment on at night, such as Aquaphor,” says Dr. Frank, adding that this will help protect you against the forces of nature. Find the perfect moisturiser for you!

Sensitive skin: Those having sensitive skin must use a moisturiser that contains soothing ingredients such as chamomile or aloe vera. Make sure the product does not contain fragrances or dyes or acids as this can irritate your skin. Find the perfect moisturiser for you!

Mature skin: As you age, your skin tends to become drier as the oil-producing glands become less active. To keep your skin soft and well hydrated, opt for an oil-based moisturiser that contains petrolatum as the base, along with antioxidants to combat age related skin problems like wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and so on. Find the perfect moisturiser for you!