If anyone knows me they know that I LOVE trainers, I literally live in them. If I could afford to I’d have 100s of them. I just feel like trainers are the perfect shoe to wear with a “formal” outfit to make it causal and worthy to wear during the day, especially during the summer. If you are a person that doesn’t normally wear trainers or own any or you just simply need ideas on what to buy next then you have come to the right place because today I am going to give you a list of the absolute essentials that you should own. These are the trainers that go with EVERYTHING and that you honestly cannot go your entire life without owning;


Converse All Star high top white trainers Converse Chuck Taylor All Star high top black trainers

Can we all take a moment to cry about the fact that about 10 years ago you could buy converse for around £30  🙁 If you have never purchased a pair of converse I recommend to choose your exact size or go a size up as they can be quite tight fitting and you need them to be as comfy as possible because they are very flat meaning that they tend to hurt your feet a lot quicker than normal trainers when you first get them, but it just takes a little getting used to. These look amazing with slip dresses and midi satin skirts!


Vans Classic slip on trainers in checkerboard Vans Classic slip on trainers in black and white

If you don’t like the look of laces, hate them or you simply can’t tie your laces this is the trainer for you. All you have to do is slip them on and you’re out of the door just like that, hence the name slip on vans. These are super super comfy and just like the converse, I recommend that you go a size up if you have wide feet or stick to your normal size if you have normal feet. For these, I’d suggest that once you have broken them in stuff some socks in them or something to ensure that they don’t curl up as they tend to do this once they get old and lose their original straight shape.


Nike Air Force 1'07 trainers in black Nike Air Force 1 '07 white trainers

These have to be my favourite trainers of all time! These go with anything and everything. The only downfall is that they crease and once they do they’re no longer nice so please if you purchase a pair buy a sneaker shield to wear with them to ensure that they keep their shape!