2016 is the year of  highlight! Highlighter is one of the worst kept beauty secrets. Everyone knows that if you want to fake a healthy glow you need a little highlighter in your life. Everybody has something that they can’t live without in there beauty bag, some swear by mascara; others refuse to leave home without some red lippy or that perfectly arched brow. However if your all about the glow, then you obviously can’t live without highlighter whether it’s powder, cream or liquid you live for it!

Highlighting also known as “strobing” is having a major moment right now! It hides imperfections, and perfectly balances the harshness of contouring. highlighting is all about enhancing areas of your face where light would naturally bounce off your skin – think cheekbones, temples, down the bridge of your nose and on top of your cupids bow. But not all highlighters do the same thing; some give subtle sheen, while others offer a more noticeable glow. However just like foundation, not every highlighter is made for every skin tone. Depending on what the product is, where you place it, and not least what your colouring is, you can end up with a shiny, frosty, or even worse a somewhat stripper-ish effect, many of these pearly-pink and Champagne shades are more suited towards the fairer complexions, and they can appear chalky or overly sparkly on women of colour like myself.
Trust me I know the struggle of trying finding the perfect highlighter for your skin that doesn’t make it look chalky or like a complete ghost which is why I decided to make easier for you and to give you guys a list of my favorite highlighters for women of colour. I hope this helps you out and may you shine bright like a diamond!