I don’t know what it is, but this year I am more obsessed with bags than ever before. It’s like an ongoing thing, the older I get the more obsessed I become – by the time I reach the golden age of 75, I’ll be the crazy old lady with a 1000 bags covering not only a room but an entire floor in her huge mansion home! If that doesn’t show my obsession then I don’t know what will. I mean how can you not love bags, they are an ESSENTIAL, A NEED for your closet, how else are you meant to carry things, pockets can only do so much. That’s why in my opinion you need a vast range of bags that are versatile enough to go with every single outfit, that’s why you can never go wrong with a black one because there is nothing more annoying than wearing a cute ass outfit only for your bag not to match, do you know how frustrating that is to see!

Today we’re talking about my newest love – the 90s shoulder bag which according to WWW is ‘” a response to the mini-bag trend where people were having to carry around an extra bag. … The shoulder bag offers the hands-free option,”  We saw this with the return of the Dior Saddle and Fendi Baguette but expect other classics to return, like Gucci’s Jackie bag.

You cannot tell me that these bags are not nostalgic AF! My mum LOVED her shoulder bags back in the day, I remember her buying me two of my own at the mere age of 4/5 and every year after that until I got to the age of 10 and discovered totes in 2011 (mum fueling my addiction from a young age lol). Right about now I am literally kicking myself for throwing them away, I could be rocking my own too but back then I knew little about fashion trends and how was I meant to know they’d ever be back 🙁

We’re saying goodbye to the bum bag so mark my words, SHOULDER BAGS ARE GOING TO DOMINATE 2019, make room under that arm of yours this spring/summer because this is the only bag that you’ll need to carry all summer long!!! The ’90s favourite is back and here are my favourites;

Snake Mini Shoulder Bag Kenya Cow Shoulder Bag as part of an outfit Phoebe Nylon Shoulder Bag as part of an outfit

"92" Patent Bowler Bag as part of an outfit Madrid Jacquard Shoulder Bag as part of an outfit Cici Faux Fur Shoulder Bag as part of an outfit

Neon Pink And Orange Double Pocket Nylon Shoulder Bag Prada Sidonie shoulder bag Prada Manuelle shoulder bag

Gucci Jackie medium Flora hobo bag Miu Miu leather hobo bag Fendi Fendi Mania baguette bag

Chloé biscuit pink Roy small leather shoulder bag Givenchy GV3 shoulder bag Acne Studios Musubi Mini shoulder bag

Saint Laurent Lou Lou shoulder bag Off-White black Paperclip Chain leather shoulder bag View 1 - Women - Pochette Accessoires Monogram Canvas Women Handbags Shoulder Bags & Totes | LOUIS VUITTON