Welcome back to my Summer Wedding Extravaganza. So sorry I missed a post last week, I just needed some time to rest and focus on my studies but I promise you that from now onwards I will try my absolute best to be as consistent as I can because I’ve realised that since June last year I have been slacking on this whole blogging thing and I apologise for that. So back to my post, today we’re are focusing on Tuxes, this is a very different post for me because I usually only focus on women as I myself am a young woman and thats what I know best, however I also know what looks good on men and what doesn’t so I thought why not?

When planning a wedding what most couples forget is that the wedding is for the both of them and that the groom needs to look just as good as the bride because its THEIR day not just hers! As we come further into this new generation I feel like men are starting to care a lot more about their wedding and are now taking more of an interest in helping to plan it – we’re slowly becoming less “traditional’ and it’s no longer a thing of the groom just turning up on the day and I think this is amazing.

From my point of view the most important aspect of the day to the groom has to be the tuxedo- it’s the one thing that they will be wearing all day, in every single photo and it needs to be PERFECT. It needs to be classy, the correct fit, material, comfortable but most importantly it needs to be the perfect colour and go with the colour scheme otherwise everything will just look off. My advise is that you can never go wrong with a black or navy tux and the occasional Burgundy tux but it all depends on your colour palette. The way I despise grey or white tuxes for weddings –  they are kind of pushing the boundary for me – grey isn’t everyones colour and its way too casual to wear on your wedding day, white is super tacky you don’t want to blend into the background of your wife’s dress – you want to standout too after all it’s your day as well. Another piece of advice would be to keep it as simple as you can, in a situation like this less is more, you don’t want to be doing the absolute most that you photos end up looking bad because you wanted go all out. Remember these are the photos you children and grandchildren will see so you need to look your best. However, by keeping your suit simple it means that you can choose whatever waistcoat you please (as long as it goes with there colour scheme – you don’t want a bridezilla on your hands).

RALPH LAUREN PURPLE LABEL Regular-fit single-breasted wool tuxedo https://cache.mrporter.com/images/products/982348/982348_mrp_ou_l.jpg large Prada notched two-piece dinner suit  Tonello slim double breasted suit     Men: Suits TOM FORD Shelton Peak Lapel Tuxedo Men: Suits TOM FORD Shelton Shawl Lapel Tuxedo Men: Suits Corneliani Satin Lapel Wool Tuxedo Men: Suits Armani Tuxedo Suit Men: Suits Burberry Sitwell Two-Piece Suit Men: Suits Corneliani Subtle Check Virgin Wool Suit