Lets talk skincare routines! Every women at some stage in their life is conscience about their skin. We spend hundreds of pounds every year looking for new ways to get clearer and better skin. And spend years trying to perfect our skin care routines. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, it’s a win or lose kind of situation. 

As a teenager my skin is so important to me so I try maintain it as best I can. Who has the effort to wear makeup every single day, especially when they’re going to school or college? Definitely not me. That is why I have spent the last few months trialling a range of skincare products looking for my favourite ones. And I think I may have finally perfected my skin care routine (hopefully).

Recently I have been getting a bunch of comments from people on how glowy and clear my skin is, So I thought that i’d share my secret with you because a healthy glow is a way of life!

My Skincare Routine;