You’re probably going to get sick of me saying this but time is going by way too fast for my liking. I don’t wanna grow up! I heard it’s a trap and I would gladly relive the last year of my life again ;( Can you believe that it has been a whole 2 years since I did a post like this; one summarising the top trends of the year. That is so crazy to me, that was literally one of my first ever posts and I was so freaking proud of myself for it!

I am well aware that we’re basically halfway through Feb but did you really think I could leave 2018 without giving you a summary of my top trends of 2018? The answer to that is no – this is my official goodbye to 2018 – Today is where my 2019 begins because January was not a productive month for me AT ALL but today it all changes.  2018 was one of the most memorable years of my life, I cannot express enough to you how grateful I am for last year. And as you can tell I already failed at my new year’s resolution of being consistent (go me) but I promise you I have a good excuse and that I’m going to stop making false promises and just try my best to post when I can. I honestly feel like I haven’t been putting enough effort with my blog. Ever since 2017, I feel as though I haven’t created the great quality content that I used to post before and that needs to change, as of TODAY, Ivis Today is back in full force!

Being the avid fashion lover that I am, I thought that we could all reminisce on the fashion trends that dominated 2018. From the ‘ugly’ dad sneakers to logo covered merch to cycling shorts to PVC, these were the fashion trends that were EVERYWHERE and the ones that are most probably still going to be around for the majority of 2019, the trends that were worn by everyone who is anyone and the trends that were rocked by your favourite insta babes.

My advice for you this coming year is to never throw away any of your favourite items of clothing because it is clearly evident that trends have a habit of coming back as we have seen from the last 3 years since I began my blogging career and from this past year, trust me when I say keep hold of those low wasted jeans and that bucket hat!

The trends of 2018

Animal Print


So this has to be my all time favourite trend from 2018 and the one trend that will still dominate 2019. Animal print has been EVERYWHERE, it has been mixed with a number of fabrics and serving you fashion in all shapes and forms!



Check is TIMELESS and one of those trends that will never ever die out. It brings you fun, sophistication and so much more!



We had heard of leather jackets before but a whole leather look? 2018 brought leather to life and I am OBSESSED!


In case you missed it suits are no longer just something you wear to the office, in 2018 we saw them worn casually, for dinner dates and so much more

Krazy Knits

Has knitwear ever been exciting since the 80s? The answer is not until 2018, this was the year we saw trends from the 80s come back to haunt is in effortless style.