Puffer jackets remind me of my favorite era in fashion which is the 90s. This was a time when people were beginning to break the rules and take more risks with fashion, an era where hideous trends of the 70s and 80s died out and new ones were born. I believe that the 90s were the fashion worlds most inventive and urban years, where young people were more expressive and vocal than ever before and were not afraid to show this through their personal style. The 90s built a foundation for fashion & style today as items such as high waisted mom jeans, over sized jackets and chokers are back and are as popular if not more than they were in the 90s.

I have to admit that when the puffer jacket first resurfaced I was a little timid towards the idea because personally I have never really been a fan of them until now, obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog post. The way that people have been styling/ wearing these and the way that designers have totally and utterly reinvented them completely changed my mind and made me adore them.