Unlike legendary fashion houses smaller brands have always embraced models of all types, genders, colours and shapes. For years people have complained about the lack of diversity in that fashion industry especially when it comes to luxury fashion houses, I mean we always see the occasional black model on the runway or in a few campaigns every once in a while but that just isn’t enough, but feel as though this year may be the year that things finally change across the industry and Gucci are leading the way!

Usually when fashion houses release their new campaigns they go for big names in the modelling industry or well known Hollywood actors and actresses, however Gucci completely changed the game this week when they teased us with their new prefall 17 campaign where they introduced a whole new cast of newcomers. The Italian house posted nine audition videos featuring potential models introducing themselves and being asked questions such as what does soul mean to you, what is your spirit animal and at the end of the video they were asked to dance to an old school song. The auditions raised so many questions for me such as; what is the concept behind Gucci’s new campaign?, what made them decide to do this and how is their campaign going to turn out? All the models so far have been black which is definitely going to give the brand a lot of positive publicity, this is a big diversity push in the right direction from one of the most influential luxury bands in the world and after years of trying to promote change people are finally taking action! Gucci is sending a bold message to the entire world that represents the importance of inclusiveness in fashion and the urgent need to tell more complex stories and show that anyone regardless of their background can be apart of the conversation and story in fashion.