From the moment I started wearing makeup, baking was the THING and to this day it still is. I mean how can it not be when it means fewer touch-ups, less creasing, and less eyeliner smudging throughout your day/night. If you ever wondered where this technique came from, the process of baking is a technique started by the drag community, which basically gives your makeup a long-lasting creaseless, poreless, and flawless finish. I feel like once you start baking it’s so hard to stop, even when I used to do my no-makeup makeup looks with just concealer, I still used to bake. So many people think baking takes a lot of time, but I find that 2 minutes is enough, you shouldn’t bake for too long because that’s when you get flashback! However, as we all know the under-eye area is a delicate area of skin that should be nurtured and cared for tenderly and seeing as baking kind of dries out your skin to reduce oil, should it really be “baked?” Is baking bad for our under eyes?

The skin surrounding the eye is thin and delicate and is where we show our first signs of ageing. It is this area that first starts to crease and wrinkle as we age. If you see the bags and dark circles I have accumulated under my eyes since freshers, it’s actually tragic. I need to invest in an eyecream ASAP?. There are no oil glands surrounding our eyes, which is why eye cream is so imperative in halting the ageing process and why black don’t crack because we take moisturising very seriously. Keeping this area hydrated and plump is a must to keep a youthful look. Add to this the fact that blood pools naturally under the eyes, creating dark shadows which is why when moisturising this area it’s good to circulate it to get the blood vessels going. The problem with using a translucent powder to set the under-eye is that it tends to get caught in fine lines and accentuate lines that were not visible without the powder. Clearly, with all of this to consider, it is no wonder there are millions of products for brightening, tightening, and lightening the under-eye area. Imagine the amount of money you could save on skincare if you stopped baking! This technique will age you beyond your years so if you choose to use it make sure it’s on special occasions because the technique that promised bright beauty will suddenly find you looking like you are dying a slow death in the Sahara Desert. Last year, Kim Kardashian herself aka the queen of baking even took to her website to announce to the world that’s she’s totally over beauty ‘baking’