2017 was a big year for the beauty industry and a lot of it was due the release of Fenty beauty. Every year the beauty industry is getting bigger and better and evolving, it has come a very long way in the last 10 years but there is still an even longer way to go until we can officially say that there is a range of diversity within the beauty world, whether that be high end or drug store beauty products.

Eventhough Rihanna released Fenty Beauty weeks ago Instead of doing a review I have decided to explain to you why I believe that Fenty Beauty has officially changed the game forever! Ever since I started my blog I have always expressed my opinion on the lack of diversity within the makeup industry and I am just happy that Rihanna finally answered every woman of colours call! Somebody in this industry finally gets it!

No matter how overrated you may believe Fenty Beauty to be at the end of the day we cannot ignore the fact that Rihanna release 40 SHADES! And they’re not all different shades of caucasian but a range of beautiful shades for women of different undertones and complexions. This was and currently is the most shades a brand has ever released during their first product launch. This has now for me set the bench mark for beauty brands when releasing anything like foundation, concealer etc.

Although I am happy about this it’s just a shame that it took this long for it to happen and that it was done by a woman of colour who saw this problem and decided to fix it herself. However I hope that more brands like kylie cosmetics that released 30 concealer shades will follow in Rihanna’s foot steps, especially drugstore brands for all those women on a budget!

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