The crochet swimsuit is definitely dominating the summer of 2017 and I cant say I hate it. Later this summer I am going to Ibiza and there is no doubt that I’ll probably be packing more than one crochet swimsuit, they’re so beautiful and I cannot wait to show you guys! Are any of you going anywhere nice this summer? If so please let me know in the comments!
I am so ready to get my skin out this summer, the weather in the UK has been nothing but bipolar so far which is no surprise; one minute the suns beaming and the next it’s pouring. However, summer is slowly creeping up on us and it is in my opinion the best time to experiment with your fashion choices, take a risk and have fun with your wardrobe, treat your self on pay day because you’re only young once, so make the most of it, wear whatever the hell you want.
Crochet is another comeback trend however this time with a twist! Is 2017 the new 90s? Crochet was no surprise huge in the 90s and this year it has come back into our lives in the form of a swimsuit/ bralet.
The great thing about a crochet swimsuit is that you’re not limited – you can also where the bikini top as a bralet or crop top making it perfect for festival season and summer days. And they go with anything and everything, my favourite combo is by far a ripped pair of mom shorts and a crochet bralet. You cannot go wrong!
Every major fashion outlet is selling crochet  this season, in my opinion it’s the trend to wear this summer. You’d be a fool not to purchase anything crochet this summer! Here are some of my favourites: