WOW! What a year 2018 was! So much happened in the space of 12 months that it literally felt like the slowest yet fastest year of my life. I mean black panther came out and that was such a historical moment; that film was revolutionary and broke so many records! Kylie Jenner revealed Stormi to the world, we had not one but TWO royal weddings, we lost a legend; Aretha Franklin, Philo announced she was stepping down from her position as creative director of Céline after 10 years, Colin Kaepernick’s sponsorship with Nike caused a lot of controversies in America, the VS show received a hell of a lot of criticism, KFC in the UK ran of chicken, the sugar tax came into play, Shiro’s story had everyone going crazy and so much more happened but if I carried on we’d be here all day. I guess I’m just trying to say is that it was an unforgettable year!

It was a year of many highs for the fashion industry last year and for me and most probably a lot of people we saw many strides of progress within the industry – 2018 brought about so many positive changes in the world of fashion! Every year fashion is taking more noticeable steps to be better ethically and in embracing all sorts of people and bodies. But this year we saw fashion as just more than clothes we saw it as a way of promoting change, I have always said this and will continue to say it until the day I die; fashion is an art and one that can be used in so many ways and we saw this throughout the whole of 2018.

My Top Fashion Moments of 2018

Virgil Abloh Is Named Louis Vuitton’s First Black Creative Director

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Riccardo Tisci Makes His Debut at Burberry

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Cultural Appropriation within the industry

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More and more brands went fur free

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First Savage X Fenty show

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Kylie Jenner becomes a billionaire

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New York Fashion Week Has Its Most Diverse Season Yet

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