From an early age I have never really been a backpack kind of girl, I remember I was so adamant to not carry one throughout the whole of high school despite the number of times my mother told me a handbag was not suitable for books or my back but they do say beauty is pain. Plus a handbag looked WAY better with my uniform, I wasn’t going to allow a backpack to ruin it. I also feel as though it wasn’t until now that shops and designers actually began making backpacks for us women – back in the day (2 – 6 years ago lol) I felt like the only backpacks I could choose from were for men and they were sport brands like Adidas and Nike, there wasn’t really any “fashionable” backpacks around. For me a bag is a representation of your style or personality and for me I could never find a backpack that was able to represent those two elements so I was never really interested in purchasing one and to this day I can’t say I have ever bought one for myself EVER, however, for my 15th birthday, I remember my brothers bought me a cute mini one which I carried on every school trip I went on, so you could say they are handy in more ways than one.

I can’t say that I’m surprised by the fact that backpacks are as big as handbags this year, after all along with the shoulder bag they were the bags of the 90s. these two styles are all about hands-free movement, but with the backpack, it’s a lot more practical as you can fit a lot more in there than your lipstick and a flip phone. The backpack has come of age and is now no longer formally associated with hiking holidays and sightseeing tourists, it is available in more styles than before and in endless iterations, from micro-mini styles to large retro rucksacks.

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Prada technical logo backpack Eastpak clear backpack Moncler Dauphine backpack

Gucci GG Supreme backpack Manu Atelier mini Fernweh backpack Marc Jacobs mini Trek Pack backpack


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