I don’t think anyone understands how excited I am for summer! This is the season that I shine most, my outfits are always on point, my skin is popping 24/7and It is the time where I am least stressed and at my happiest. I feel like the older I become the more I appreciate summer because I know that the closer I get to adulthood the less time I’ll have to enjoy it. Do you know how sad that is, the real world is honestly a trap.

This summer is going to be so different from the last, don’t get me wrong I had fun last year, but I spent most of it working in a place that I hated. Retail is not all that it seems to be, working in Topshop last year really made me realise that working for someone else that is not me is not for me! As soon as I finish my exams I am off on a road trip across Europe, then I am off to afronation in Portugal two weeks after. This is literally going to bet the best summer of my life and I cannot wait, the only thing that could top it off is if I could go back to Zim for a few weeks too to see my family! It’s only been two years but it honestly feels like a lifetime since I last saw them.

As Victoria Beckham once tweeted, the airport is her runway (an amazing pun if you ask me), so every airport I hit this year has to see me looking stylish AF. Thinking about it I don’t there has ever been a time where I looked “rough” at the airport whilst travelling. When I was younger I remember my mum would always ensure that I looked my absolute best whenever we were travelling to SA/ Zim to see family so she’d dress me in the cutest dresses or co-ords which I would carry with my new shoulder bag (she always bought me one every single year without year before we travelled, she’s the reason for my obsession with bags) and pair with some cute sandals or even heels. Litlle Ivis was ahead with her airport fashion thanks to mama Ngwenya. As I have gotten older and developed my own style, comfort is key to me when it comes to an airport outfit so I opt for things that look stylish but that I can still breathe in, especially if it’s a long haul flight, it also depends on the destination which is why dressing to the airport will always be a struggle, there are way too many factors that come into play.

If you don’t quite know what to wear to the airport this summer, here are some ideas;

A model wears jeans with a silver suitcase at the airport

Winnie Harlow wearing a denim on denim outfit

Selena Gomez wears an allblack outfit at the airport


Kendall Jenner
Hailey Baldwin
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