After the longest winter EVER summer is finally here and I couldn’t be happier! I am loving these longer, warmer and brighter days! Can you actually believe that the UK has been warm for 4 consecutive weeks in a row? That is so unusual for this country but I’m not complaining, I missed the sun!

So summer is all about living your best life and making the most of every day – so why not spice things up by trying at least one of my favourite beauty trends this season! We’re always going out of our comfort zones with fashion but why not with beauty? My challenge for you guys this summer is to try new things with beauty; experiment, do the most with your makeup – don’t be afraid to go crazy – think of it as a form of art but on your face!

I personally don’t like wearing tons of makeup in the summer or ever to be completely honest with you (besides special occasions), it just feels so nasty and sticky and like my face is constantly melting which is why I tend to focus more on my skincare and why these are my favourite trends for the season- they are so minimalistic and so light – It’s the no makeup makeup kinda looks i love, you have to leave people thinking that you naturally glow like that!

Golden Goddess

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The glow is EVERYTHING! Who doesn’t love to glow? For me summer is all about glistening and looking super glowy and healthy, I put glow lotion and highlighter EVERYWHERE, on my cheeks, chest, legs, literally everywhere – you know when the sun just hits you and you’re like “shit is that really me? I’m glowing!”

Fresh Face

This is my favourite makeup trend for summer, the key to creating a fresh face is literally just putting concealer to brighten certain areas of your face or using cc cream then adding a little blush and highlight. A little goes a long way – the key to this is, less is more!

White Eyeliner

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Now there’s just something about white eyeliner that I love and it’s the fact that it brings out your eyes, no matter what colour they are- it’s such a vibe and to me, it’s so summery. Black eyeliner is officially dead to me, white eyeliner is the new thing and I can already see it being super popular in years to come

Glossy Lips

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This will forever be my favourite beauty trend of all time. Glossy lips just complete everything regardless of whether or not you’re wearing makeup! For me, it is one of the few beauty trends that will never die out and a trend that I will be wearing for the rest of my life.

Flushed Cheeks

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Has highlighter ever been so bold? This reminds me so much of the 80s when people just when crazy with makeup – when done the right way it looks amazing!