It’s been a long time, a very long time in fact since I last did a what I would buy if I won the lottery. But I’m bringing this series back and to kick it off I’m bringing you the most luxurious thing you could ever purchase as a multi-millionaire/ billionaire; a private jet or even multiple if you want to build a collection!

Everyone dreams of living their best life and mine involves owning a private jet. I want to be able to fly wherever and whenever I please. I mean if you have the money why would you not want to own a private jet? First of all, it means no more long queues, no more crying children, no more hours waiting at baggage claim, no more having to share a toilet with hundreds of other people and you get to fly according to your own schedule. I mean what more could you ask for?

Imagine on a cold winters day like today and you can literally just call a pilot and fly to somewhere far far away and soak in the sun in another country! That’s the ultimate dream right there.

Private jets offer the uttermost comfort and make flying bearable, think of it as your very own mini house that flies. Transform it, add a bar, a bedroom, a shower – make it your own and you’ll fall in love with flying!

My favourites

If you’re lazy as well as impatient like myself my top tip when choosing a jet is to choose one with an interior that you love because having to refurbish it is only going to take more time and money. However, if you love renovations then go for it!

Gulfstream G650ER


Cessna Citation Sovereign


Gulfstream G450






For those who don’t want to own one but would still love the advantage of flying in a private jet, here are some great services I’d recommend;