Wireless; What to Wear to the Festival of the Summer

Wireless; What to Wear to the Festival of the Summer

This year I plan on starting my summer in the best way possible and in order to do that I plan on attending one of the biggest festivals ever in the uk, wireless. I honestly could not think of a better way to kick off the summer of 2017.
Lately, I haven’t really been feeling like myself, it has been non stop revision for the last few weeks and I am so incredibly tired. On the bright side, I finish school in three weeks and I cannot wait. Hopefully my summer will not be as boring as the last! I have 10 weeks off, so far 1 holiday booked, another on the horizon, a long list of things that I want to do and a limited amount of money which is probably a problem for many teenagers like myself. All I want to do is have the summer of my life, I cannot stay in my house for an entire 10 weeks, I’ll go insane.

Wireless is London’s biggest music festival and this year we are going to see some of the biggest names in pop, hip hop and dance at Finsbury Park. This years line up is all about British talent and it is honestly one of the best ever, I wouldn’t miss it for the world! It gets bigger and better every year, It’s always an unmissable event! From Zara Larson, chance the rapper, skepta the weekend and homegrown talent including Bugzy Malone, Geko and Kojo Funds. If you love pop, hip- hop and grime then wireless is the place to be.

Wireless is a festival that celebrates new, fresh and young talent from across the globe and brings young people from the uk together to have one of the best weekends of their entire summer.
If you are attending wireless this year and have no clue as to what to wear then keep reading. What many people forget when attending a festival like wireless is that we do not live in America. This is not cochella therefore don’t dress like you’re going to cochella. Wireless is a chance for you to bring out your best street style and basically dress like you’re favourite celeb. Forget about flower crowns, cute play suits and faux metallic tattoos, with wireless it’s all about snapbacks, oversized shirts, ripped denim and of course some ‘peng’ boots or trainers. At least that’s what I think anyway but obviously you are free to wear whatever you want.
Here are some ideas:
Festival Fever and major FOMO

Festival Fever and major FOMO


Festival season is almost over and in all honesty I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. I mean i’m happy because it means that i won’t have to miss out on another festival this year and see everyone’s photos on social media of them having fun because i’m one of those people who gets extreme FOMO whether I know you or not! However I’m also sad because it means that they’ll be no more amazing outfit inspiration all over my Tumblr and Instagram and in addition to this, no more festivals mean no more summer and back to school :((  But next year after I finish high school I plan on having the best summer ever and the time of my life by traveling and going to as many festivals and places as possible in the space of 3 months.

I’m literally so upset because I missed out on a chance to go to Leeds fest this Friday which if I haven’t mentioned already I am  extremely sad about because whilst my friends are out having fun i’ll be stuck at home watching Netflix. Talk about an eventful Friday night right? I thought that I might as well turn my disappointment into a blog post and give you guys an idea of what I would wear if I was going to Leeds fest for the full weekend accessories included!

Day 1


Day 2



Day 3


And of course we can’t forget about the weekend essential …..


My other weekend essentials include:

  • Portable charger
  • Face wipes
  • Blotting paper
  • Rain coat
  • A change of shoes preferably wellies
  • Toilet roll
  • Face powder
  • Deodorant
  • Body mist

For all of you that are going to Leeds and Reading festival this weekend I hope you have an amazing time and make incredible memories that will stay with you forever X