Vestiaire Collective; The best place to sell your designer items

Vestiaire Collective; The best place to sell your designer items

Selling on Vestiaire Collective

It’s the new year and you know what that means, it’s time to declutter and restart our lives. Now when I say restart I’m not being literal but in my opinion, I feel as though at the start of every new year we need to get rid of everything that we no longer need. As hard as it may be that’s the best way to start the year. Why wait till spring in order to clean out your closet when you can do it at the start of 2018, the faster the better.

Once you have everything in a pile, you have the things that you want to keep, the things that you want to give to Charity, the things that you want to sell and the things that you want to throw away. Now if you have designer pieces in your sell pile I would recommend to sell them on Vestiaire collective. It is known as Europe’s leading online marketplace for buying and selling pre-owned luxury fashion. 

If you read my blog post which I posted around a year and a half ago on investment pieces I would buy if I won the lottery you would know that some brands just never go out of style and those brands are of course Chanel, Hermès and Dior! These are the 3 brands that will never lose their value but instead are only getting more valuable with time. 

Designer Bags I would invest in if I ever won the lottery!


You can think of this as a follow-up from my bags I would invest in if I won the lottery because in a way I’m kind of giving you guys advice on what to do after you have bought the bag when you want to sell it. The first thing you have to consider when selling a bag is, is it worth selling? Is it of top quality? Can I prove its authenticity and original value? Has it kept its original shape? Has it kept its original colour? And does it have any scratches? If the answer for any of these questions is no just keep in mind that the value of the bag will not be as close to the original as if you had answered yes for all of these questions and that it might take longer for you to sell than if it was in perfect condition. And whatever you do do not throw away the dustbag and the box that the bag came in because this will be more appealing to a potential buyer. 

The next step is deciding when to sell. Don’t sell too early and don’t sell too late. It’s a little easier to sell the classic and iconic designs such as Chanel, Dior and Hermès because the demand for these remains fairly constant and won’t change anytime soon. However, more trend like designs, the demand for these will change and it is important to sell at the right time and during the right season. Light and pastel coloured bags are better in spring, bright coloured bags sell better in summer and the darker and neutral toned bags sell better in winter. The best way to know when it’s right to sell is to use social media to your advantage, social media will tell you what’s on trend when it’s on trend and what people want to buy.

Of course, you can’t forget the selling price. You need to find a balance, you want to sell your item for as much as you possibly can, however, you also want to make sure that it sells, therefore, you can’t set a price that is too high or a price that is too low. So I would recommend checking out similar items to yours, second-hand items to be precise to see how much they’re selling for and to take that into consideration when setting a price for your item. Also, write down the prices of the things that have sold and the prices of those that haven’t, this is key to ensuring that you pick the correct price.

Lastly, presentation, the presentation is everything so you need to take the best pictures that you possibly can to showcase your item. The picture is the thing that sells your item. The way that it is presented is what attracts the buyer the most, therefore, you need to take a picture of every angle that you possibly can and to make sure that it is of high quality. You also need to give a very detailed description of your item and listing all of the imperfections no matter how small they may be because what buyers appreciate the most is a seller who is truthful. It is always best to be honest because in the end all sold items are checked for quality and authenticity by Vestaire Collective so any unmentioned imperfections will be called out and this can result in the order being cancelled the sale altogether.

However, once your item is up for sale you need to be active and answer questions that potential buyers may have and you need to make sure that you are responsive because the more you engage the better chance you have of your item being seen by the community, therefore, more chance of it being sold!


You can buy and sell a range of items on Vestaire Collective, I just found it easier to give an example, that example being designer bags.

Buying on Vestiaire Collective

If you have any worries about shopping on Vestiaire Collective you can be assured that quality and authenticity is at the heart of the business. Each item sold is checked by a team of in-house experts before being shipped to you. Known as Europes leading online marketplace for buying and selling online you will find anything and everything on Vestaire from vintage items to last seasons Valentino jacket.

A gift from me to you

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