My 2019 Summer European Road trip part two!

My 2019 Summer European Road trip part two!

Welcome to part two of my European Roadtrip! So our first official stop was Saarbrücken, again I had to get schooled on my geography because I thought that this place was in Germany, which technically it is but it actually isn’t at the same time. It is basically the capital and largest city of the state of Saarland, Germany and Saarland is a forested, southwestern German state bordered by France and Luxembourg. Saarbrücken is known to be a place where you will get a combination of both French and German influences.

This was just a pit stop though before we started our actual journey, you see you have to do a ton of prep before you start a 2-week adventure, you need to make sure you have all the essentials aka alcohol and snacks (my dry humour is the worst). On a more serious note tho, I have to say this city is so beautiful as you can see from the pictures above the streets are pretty af, are you guys seeing the pastel-coloured walls??? I am obsessed!! I can’t really say anything about this place because we were only there for a matter of hours, however, I have attached a link above this text for you guys in case you’re curious and want to actually go there yourselves.

The next morning we FINALLY began road trip and it took us about 8 hours I think to get from Saarbrücken to Liechtenstein and I have to applaud Julian because I don’t know how he did it, I’m the type of person that as soon as I get in a car or coach I instantly fall asleep. If you want me to be quiet just get me in a car and I’ll KO within 10 minutes. So if I ever do this again I can never be the designated driver because really and truly that is an accident waiting to happen. And I am being deadly serious, ask any of my family members, they get annoyed at me every single time! It’s so weird because I can have the best sleep ever but as soon as I know I’m gonna be in the car for longer than 30 minutes I’m gone.

We made a pitstop in a little village called Dunningen and we walked into this little Cafe and I kid you not it was as if these people had never seen black people in their lives. The stares my cousin and I received, I felt like I was a celebrity or something, these people were so fascinated by the idea that we were in their village – more time they were probably scared we were gonna rob them looool. But I guess that’s something you have to be cautious with when road tripping in Europe as a person of colour, you need to be careful where you go and stop because unlike the U.K. where people are covertly racist in Europe people are overtly racist so you need to be prepared – I have been lucky enough to have never experienced any form of racism whilst on holiday in Europe, thank god but I feel like one day I will definitely do a blog post on the most dangerous/ safest places for black people to travel because I know a lot of us love travelling but sometimes we have to be careful where we go because we don’t want to end up in any sticky situations.

One thing I need you guys to understand is that Switzerland is EXPENSIVE so please if you don’t have money money don’t even bother because you are literally going to bankrupt yourself, the food prices in this place are ridiculous. We went to an Italian restaurant for lunch and I think between the three of us we spend around 278 euros and we got 3 plates of pasta, a cheese platter and 3 glasses of white wine. To this day that is the most I have ever spent in a restaurant. I even remember when I did work experience at Latham the lawyers there always spoke about how expensive Switz is and I mean I was mentally prepared but I was still in shock, imagine a shot of expresso starts at 7 euros!! This place is literally made for the rich, there’s no space for poverty loooool.

Our first night was pretty chill, we ordered takeout (we really took in the culture as you can see) and we played drinking games. I don’t know about you but that was the best way to start the trip, we learnt so much about each other and had the best time! This was also the first time I actually got crashed the boat aka got super drunk. The night ended with me in falling asleep with my head in the toilet and everytime my friends tell me about that day I cringe a little inside – compared to my friends I’m a heavyweight but that day I really overestimated myself. The next day I woke up STILL drunk and we went on what I would call mine and Yolanda’s version of a hike, which would be driving up mountains instead of walking a trail and taking cute pictures hahaha (we share genes so we think alike).

I feel like this is so cliche and people always say it but there’s something so peaceful about being surrounded by the mountains. I just felt so at peace. The views there are so scenic, pictures and videos do not do Liechtenstein justice, until I go to an island this will remain to be the most beautiful place I have visited!

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My 2019 Summer European Road trip part one!

My 2019 Summer European Road trip part one!

When I tell you the law of attraction is so real, I cannot express to you how powerful words are! Essentially, the law of attraction states that whatever consumes your thoughts is what you will eventually get in life. So, if you think of all the things you don’t want in your life, you’ll only get the things you don’t want. In other words, “thoughts can become things” and we have the ability to create our own realities. Therefore positive affirmations will 99% of the time result in the life you want to live. However what most people don’t understand when it comes to speaking things into existence (I think I have mentioned this in one of my decade posts) is the fact that you need to work towards your affirmations, you can not say that you will be a millionaire and just sit at home expecting the universe to deliver. As much as life is about luck, it is also about hard work! But another thing that people also need to understand is that the universe may not give you exactly what you want or deliver in the way you expected but in the end, you will eventually be where you’re meant to be, things that “don’t go to plan” often end up being the things that change your life for the better, help you find happiness and move you away from things that were never really right for you. Rejection is the best redirection!

Sorry for the spiritual waffle but I had to give you guys some context on my trip. I remember from the minute I started high school I had always said that I would interracial across Europe with my friends when I turn 18 but as you can tell by the title that didn’t happen, instead I got to road trip across Europe with my cousin and it has to be the best experience of my entire life and I am so grateful every day that I got to do that! We spent 2 weeks travelling in a range rover like the bouijee bitches that we are lol (the two of us would not last an hour on an interracial train because we’re high maintenance af) – we went to Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Itlay and ended our trip in the south of France. Anyone who has ever thought of going on a road trip I would 100% recommend it, it’s a memory that I will treasure for my entire life and definitely something I wanna do when I have a family of my own. Imagine how amazing it would be to go on an adventure full of culture with your husband and children! I can’t wait!!!

I remember at the start of the year I had proclaimed that I had wanted to travel a lot in 2019 but God delivered in ways I could never have imagined and I am forever grateful that I went to so many places last year and I cannot wait to give you guys more of an insight into my personal life because I feel like I never really let you in on my life as an individual, I just voice my opinions on the things I blog about. But I mean there’s no better time to start a new blog series than RN, after all, we have all the time in the world in this self-isolation period. And who knows, I might give you guys a little inspiration on where to go when all of this is over! Stay safe and keep hoping!

Stop One – Luxembourg

Sunset Over Luxembourg City Photograph by Fabrizio Troiani

So my cousin actually lives in Luxembourg and this is where I started my journey. I had always thought that Luxembourg was in the South of France but it turns out that it’s actually surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany. This is one of the world smallest countries and without a doubt the cleanest and safest country I have ever been to as well! This girl told me she lived in the ghetto, so being from England I was expecting the worst, but I soon realised that what I would refer to as ghetto is completely different to what Luxembourgers refer to as a ghetto. – there was literally a cute bakery across the road and a Sephora less than 15ft away. Literally everyone in this country is the definition of class – from the way they live to their etiquette to where they shop to where they eat and what eat. I felt like I had entered a completely new world and I loved it! If I was to ever become a country it would be Luxembourg, it is me in so many ways; everything in that city/country is luxurious, stylish, classy, clean and just wow.

I was only here for about a day and a half but can I just say how expensive McDonalds in that country is loool – when I saw the prices best believe I almost had a heart attack. It’s quite a small city so I spent my day touring and entering luxury boutiques and this has to be my favourite thing about Luxembourg; their customer service is undefeated. Have you noticed that when you walk into the likes of Gucci, Chanel and YSL etc here in the U.K. the workers look at you as if you can’t afford the items their selling, over there it’s the complete opposite and they treat you with the uttermost respect, they treat everyone who walks in the same, they do not discriminate which is why you will never catch me at Champs-Élysées, Luxembourg is my number one when it comes to luxury shopping!

Here are some pictures from my day in Luxembourg;