Designer bags you need this spring!

Designer bags you need this spring!

If there is anything that I love in this world, it’s bags, more specifically designer bags! The material, the design, the quality, just everything about them! I still haven’t received by first designer bag as of yet and until that day comes I will continue to add bags that I cannot afford to my ever growing and never ending wishlist. if I had the money I would probably own more designer bags than the Kardashian sisters combined! That is no lie.

My love for bags probably began when my mum bought me my first ever tiny denim hand bag at the innocent age of 4, I took it everywhere I went and ever since then I have adored bags. I have always envisioned that the first designer bag I will ever buy myself will be a Chanel, more precise a boy bag, there is no doubt about it!

Spring is coming and I cannot wait to be done with winter. Spring may not be my favourite season but it is one step closer to summer and that means brighter, warmer and longer days for us here in the UK. And as much as I love a good quality knit I cannot wait to get my legs out and embrace the sun. I am ready for spring, I am ready for brighter and warmer days, I am ready for summer!

Last season embroidered bags were everywhere and this year is certainly no different. For this coming season of spring designers brought out so many bold designs with the brightest of colours. Spring has never been so colourful!

My favourite bags for the season;