Most expensive holiday destinations; Oslo

Most expensive holiday destinations; Oslo

Oslo, the capital of Norway, known for its green spaces and museums according to my research, Oslo is the number one most expensive country to travel to – tourist industries that charge about 20% more than anywhere else in Western Europe and a whopping 70% higher than world averages. Norway is notoriously known as Scandinavia’s—and Northern Europe’s—most expensive country. Originally I thought Switzerland was expensive but compared to Norway, it’s nothing! I always used to see these rows of colourful houses but I never actually knew where it was until today – Oslo is a scenic city filled with Scandinavian charm and hints of the Norwegians’ Viking history. Oslo tends to be clean and safe, and most of the population speaks almost fluent English, which can make it easy for you to get around.

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What I would buy if I won the lottery; a city?

What I would buy if I won the lottery; a city?

I bet you didn’t know it was possible to create your own city, did you? Well neither did I, well not until 2016. My brother travelled to SA during summer 16 and after he came back he could not stop talking about his time in Steyn city – one of the places his friend lived. He literally spoke about this place none stop for a good month, and I don’t blame him because if it was me that had gone, I would’ve been speaking about it up until now.

So the Steyn City development is built on the concept of building a city within a city. Johannesburg is an urban place full of life which although it is exciting, it is actually very dangerous at the same time. Douw Steyn started the project with his director of Steyn City Properties, Giuseppe Plumari in 2015, saying,

“Giuseppe and I share the same vision – to create a lifestyle estate unlike any other in South Africa built on the foundation of quality of life. A country estate offering country living, but with all amenities conveniently within reach. Too much time is wasted in cities sitting in traffic and commuting between home, work, schools and the shops. We want to bring all these elements of daily life into one estate and give residents back the precious commodity of time, in a secure, upmarket environment.”

But who exactly is Douw Steyn?

born December 1952, he is a South African billionaire businessman, the founder of BGL Group, a UK-based insurance and financial services company, and the parent of He is the creator/ owner of this city which is said to be four times the size of Monaco!

His city was first launched in 2015 and drew R6.5 billion in investment for infrastructure, which also went to supporting infrastructure for the greater region, including roads, water and sewerage. The 900-hectare estate is located between Fourways and Lanseria in Johannesburg and is the largest estate in the country in terms of land size. Steyn City security motto for its citizens is elegantly worded as “peace of mind remains one of the biggest priorities”. While it promises job creation, the development has been criticised for being yet another exclusive, gated community that protects those, who have enough money, from crime.

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What I Would Buy if I Won the Lottery; A NEAR-SPACE ODYSSEY

What I Would Buy if I Won the Lottery; A NEAR-SPACE ODYSSEY

So what actually is a near-space odyssey?? Well for £380,000 you get a private group space travel with the bloon company. Imagine being able to say that you have actually been to space, do you know how insane that sounds???? How many people besides astronauts can actually say that ??? Not a lot that’s for sure.

For me, this sounds like an absolute dream because I am one of those annoying people that is always questioning shit; such as did we actually land on the moon? What do astronauts do because it’s clear they don’t spend the majority of their time in space like your average job.  Are we sure the earth isn’t flat and does the government genuinely watch and listen to everything we do? So this experience would be able to disprove my so-called ‘dumb’ conspiracy theories ?.


Astronauts have always described the view of earth from space as a life-changing experience. For me, I know for a fact that this entire experience would in some sort of way change the way I see life, I don’t know why I feel like this but do you know when people say they feel as though they’re in the presence of a greater being, whether or not that may be God, that is exactly how I would feel if i went to space and then seeing just how small the world is would make me feel some sort of way, as in it would make me appreciate everything a lot more. In addition to that, I think it would also make me feel so grateful because in reality this is a once in a lifetime experience and to be able to afford it is honestly a WOW.

Seeing as we now live in an environmentally cautious era –  Bloon is a zero-emission vehicle that relies on a large ‘sail’ filled with static helium gas capable of lifting its capsule 22 miles into the earth’s atmosphere. Being devoid of any combustible fuels means that Bloon’s ascent is gentle, has zero impact on the environment, and is entirely noiseless. So if you can get on a plane, yacht or car you can definitely get on this feeling a lot less guilty.

Do take note that the Bloon pod is safe for children (those below 16 must be accompanied by an adult). A report from your physician and a simple medical checkup is needed to ensure you and your fellow Bloon travellers can enjoy the flight safely.  The pod also holds up to four people and all bookings are subject to availability and weather conditions. We advise booking at least six months in advance to guarantee the desired date and time.

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All About Africa; Pretoria

All About Africa; Pretoria

Can sometimes also be referred to  as “Jacaranda City” for its thousands of jacaranda trees, what most people don’t know about the city of Pretoria is that it is actually the capital of South Africa, not Johannesburg. While Johannesburg is not one of South Africa’s three capital cities, it is the seat of the Constitutional Court and the largest city in the country which is why people often become confused.

Change is present as Pretoria gets rid of its past demons and begins to develop its own contemporary identity. The city’s name was approved to change to Tshwane in 2005, but with the matter still under review, the old seat of apartheid power is still known as Pretoria. South Africans are now living among a generation that is not afraid to express their ideas on freedom as well as discovering their identities through the country’s history.

Where to stay;

Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! by Marriott Pretoria Menlyn

Sheraton Pretoria Hotel

What to do

  • Take Zulu Lessons
  • Attend the Vibey Market-at-the-Sheds
  • Visit the 1000 year old Wonderboom fig tree
  • Visit Alfie’s for the best Italian in the City
  • Picnic in front of the Union Buildings
  • Dinner with a view at The Blue Crane
  • Take a walk down the longest Urban Street in South Africa
  • Go mountain biking in Groenkloof Park
  • Go on a Game Drive at the Rietvlei Game Reserve
  • Visit the Voortrekker Monument


Visitors can use Pretoria as a staging post for trips out to the breathtaking wilderness of the provinces of Mpumalanga and Limpopo, or the pretty hills of Magaliesburg and Hartbeespoort to the west.

Worlds Most Luxurious Spas!

Worlds Most Luxurious Spas!

I have officially just finished my first half term of 6th form and I am tired, I could honestly sleep for the rest of the year! All I can think about is getting away, I need a break from reality, I need to rest and I need to recharge and what better place to go than a spa. Nothing but relaxation!

If you are searching for the best of the very best in luxury wellness spa resorts, you have come to the right place. I have spent the last few hours lusting over these amazing resorts around the world and have decided to make it my mission to visit every single one of them within the next few years as we dive in to my top 5 most expensive and luxury wellness spa resorts around the world!

Surrounded by lush tropical jungle, Como Shambhala Estate in Bali is more than any other spa but an award winning, luxury resort. Besides spa classics such as massages, guests can also opt for a traditional cleansing ceremony, which begins with an immersion in the sacred waters at Tirta Empul temple at nearby Tampak Siring.

Luxurious treatment villas, nestled beneath thatched roofs each with spectacular ocean views, provide a perfect tranquil space for an individualised, holistic wellness journey.

With 17 luxurious treatment rooms awarding breath-taking views of the stunning natural surroundings, explore an exotic list of natural treatments with up to eleven spa treatments each day. Complete your stay with an unforgettable adventure through the African wilderness on a private-guide safari and spot zebras, rhinos, giraffe and leopards.

The spa is set in Moorish gardens heavy with orange trees, bougainvillea and gardenias which frame karp-filled ponds and sunken seating nooks.

A cosy converted farmhouse that’s about as British as you can get.