Are Mom Jeans the new skinny jeans?

Are Mom Jeans the new skinny jeans?

Mom jeans, another trend from the 90’s that is currently dominating the world right now! Recently fashionistas everywhere have been swapping out skinny jeans for Mom jeans. But who can blame them? Mom jeans are incredibly flattening and extremely comfortable, whether you have hips or not they will hug you in all the right places. The skinny jean is officially dead!

Over the last two years numerous fashion retailers such as net- a- porter and Asos have reported an increase in sales on jeans, however not in skinny jeans. Last year alone Asos sold over 12,000 of it’s blue ‘Farleigh’ Mom jean, which are priced at an incredibly £35. Bargain right? Although skinny jeans may not be as popular as they used to be, we are buying more jeans than ever before!

But where did it all go wrong for skinny jeans? ‘Jeggings ruined them,’ says Donna Wallace, ELLE’s Accessories Editor, who currently favours a pair of Lee straight-leg men’s jeans that she’s cut off at the hems. ‘As soon as they started bastardising the denim and putting in too much stretch, it became trashy.’

Fashion and the way that we shop has changed so much in the last few years and our perceptions of what we once thought of as cool and stylish have shifted in a big way. People and designers are experimenting more and it’s truly amazing to see. The new wave of denim only proves to us that fashion is constantly changing, becoming more and more daring everyday which is so exciting. With thousands of influencers out there showing us how to rock our denim it’s almost impossible not to cop their style.

Social Media has allowed us to see how real people make clothes and trends work for them. Inspiration nowadays is everywhere, it’s right at our fingertips. This has undeniably allowed us to be  more adventurous and more confident in our fashion choices. No wonder denim is so diverse now!

My favourite source of mom jeans;

Topshop and Asos are my holy grail when it comes to denim! You will never find jeans as comfy as these on the high street, trust me.