Gender roles when it comes to fashion

Gender roles when it comes to fashion

I have always said that fashion is a form of art and that it is something that everyone should enjoy. It’s not something that should ever be taken too seriously. And I will forever stand by that. So why is it that in a society like today’s are we still told what we should wear, who even cares anymore. 

Back in 2016 Louis Vuitton changed the game when Jaden smith starred in their womenswear campaign. This was revolutionary. For the first time ever a man was featured in a womanwear campaign. Louis vuttion pushed so many limits with this campaign and it truly paid off. It was exacly what the world needed at the right time. 

I feel as though we now accept women wearing men’s clothing, yet it’s still a little taboo for a man to wear women’s clothing. But why? The world has never been more accepting than it is now! Don’t be afraid to wear what u want because at the end of the day who gives a shit. As long as you’re happy and comfortable with what your wearing nothing else matters, forget the haters and those who judge you because at least you’re being you! 

The world is quickly evolving and more and more people are starting to accept the idea of wearing anything that they like. Just because you carry a woman’s bag doesn’t make you want to become a woman or gay and just because you wear a suit it doesn’t make you a tomboy. From an early age we are given the perception that boys and girls can only wear certain items but as time goes on people are starting to forget this idea and let their children make up their own minds which I love! 

Although we are entering a new age where we wear whatever we want we can never get rid of clothing norms because they are the basis of fashion. We need to be able to know where to shop and more importantly which fashion weeks to go to and we also have to remember that this is not everyone’s cup of tea.