My 2019 Summer European Road trip part five!

My 2019 Summer European Road trip part five!

Ever since I was little I always thought that the first time I’d see the Arc De Triomphe it would be in Paris, because my uncultured self always thought that the only place you could ever see it would be in Paris, I mean it is one of it’s most famous landmarks! However, the first time I actually saw such a beautiful piece of architecture was in Montpellier – in the south of France. Legend has it that the arch was designed by François Dorbay, after the model of the Porte Saint-Denis in Paris. Makes sense right?

When my cousin first told me that we were going to the south of France I was expecting us to hit the French Riviera and that we’d either go to Nice or Marseille or even Saint Tropez – Saint Tropez is one destination that has been on my travel bucket list for the longest time! Montpellier was never in my mind, mainly because I had never heard of it, but I think that’s what I loved most about this trip – the fact that I was going to places that I myself would have never thought to go to and for that reason, I am so grateful that that is how I spent my summer. Whenever people ask me where I went last year and I tell them some of the places that I went to they’re literally so confused and asking “where is that?”

Triumphal arch, - Montpellier Tourist Office

So I think we actually spent two days and three nights in Montpellier and OMG I wish I still had footage from our apartment because I kid you not that place was haunted! It looked like something out of the conjuring series and I am not even over exaggerating! Let’s just say, it was an experience loool. The entire two days in Montpellier were super chill, we went to the beach fir day one and just spent the day catching a tan and then for the second day we spent it inside and then we went out later that night. The second night was when we really saw Montpellier, I don’t know why but seeing a city you don’t know at night, drunk is something that everyone needs to experience because the videos and pictures I have on my phone of my cousin and I are so funny, I actually cannot deal, every picture is either blurry or the completely wring angle but I guess its the memories that count right?



Here are some links if you guys ever wanna travel to Montpellier;