What I would buy if I won the lottery; sushi master class

What I would buy if I won the lottery; sushi master class

So……. I have a confession to make. Surprisingly enough, I have never tried sushi. I know, I’m shocked too, it’s one of those things that I’ve always wanted to try but just never built up the guts to do – I just don’t understand how people can say that raw fish is THAT good. I’m African so everything we eat has to be cooked and when I say cooked I mean well done. I think if I took my mom to a sushi restaurant she’d actually kill me because this woman hates prawns, so I don’t even want to try feeding her sushi before she accuses me of trying to poison her lol. African mums are so dramatic. However, I couldn’t really think of a better opportunity to try sushi than to actually go behind the scenes and make it myself, that way I actually know what’s going into what I’m eating and then if I ever crave it I can make it at home. it’s a win-win situation really.

My choice of sushi making is none other than the infamous Nobu, loved by literally every celebrity and their mom, Nobu London remains the most celebrated global sushi brand, as well as a destination restaurant for exquisite Japanese dining. With this experience, you get to learn from the best of the best Nobu sushi chefs and discover the secrets to perfecting the art of making sushi making. Take part in a public sushi masterclass at Nobu here!

What is included;
  • Two tickets to join an interactive group sushi masterclass with the experts at Nobu London
  • A 150ml bamboo vessel of Onikoroshi Sake each
  • Lunch will include a selection of signature dishes, as well as the sushi made in the class
  • Take home a Nobu Sushi Kit each to practice your new-found skills
  • Service charge on the listed food and beverages is already included in the cost of this experience


What I would buy if I won the lottery; Global dining domination

What I would buy if I won the lottery; Global dining domination

I hope all my friends and family are paying close attention to all of these “what I would buy if I won the lottery” blog posts because this is basically a wishlist for me at this point – everything I write about every single Friday I would really appreciate as gifts.  This one, I think is my favourite experience yet, imagine being able to combine the love of fine dining as well as the love of travelling all in one on a vacation! Food as everyone knows it is a universal language, the cure to everything in life, well my life anyway. When I’m happy, I eat. When I’m sad, I eat. When I’m celebrating, I eat. No matter what mood I am in I am always in the mood for food, especially if I’m travelling. Eating local foods is one of the best ways to submerse yourself in another culture, especially if you try traditional foods as you can also educate yourself on the dishes and why they eat them – for example in most restaurants in zimbabwe they serve sadza/ pap and that is our staple food.  Therefore we can all establish that food in a sense is an expression of cultural identity. So imagine how incredible a journey around the globe for the best food the world has to offer; with stops at six of the ‘World’s 50 Best Restaurants.’ Traverse six continents, dining at the best restaurant on each, and encounter the true diversity of global fine dining would be. A ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE.

The restaurants;

1st – El Celler de Can Roca 

El Celler de Can Roca | Elite Traveler : Elite Traveler

4th – Central 

Meet Chef Virgilio Martinez of Central, Peru's Best Restaurant

8th – Narisawa 

Narisawa Yoshihiro: The Man Dubbed 'Best Chef in Asia'

32nd – Attica

Yes, Attica Is Worth It: What Makes Ben Shewry's Restaurant ...

48th – The Test Kitchen 

The Test Kitchen |The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2019 | Ranked No. 44

50th – The French Laundry

The French Laundry | Thomas Keller Restaurant Group

You would spend 4 days in each city, with a personalised itinerary from your TRULY Concierge. In Cape Town, discover theatrical Nouvelle-Latin cuisine at The Test Kitchen. Your next stop will be an exploration of Peruvian culture at Central in the magnificent city of Lima. From here you will savour refined French fare in California’s Wine Country at Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry in San Francisco. Dive into the bounty of the nature of Japan at Tokyo’s Narisawa. Finally, polish off a whirlwind experience feasting on native Australian fare at perhaps the world’s most extravagant dining experience, Melbourne’s Attica.

From London to Girona, Cape Town, Lima, San Francisco, Tokyo and Melbourne. This is what you call an EXPERIENCE.

Book the experience;



All About Africa; Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

All About Africa; Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


Before my mother became a nurse, she was a primary school teacher in Zim and naturally she has been to all these places on school trips and she has also promised to take me since I was 5 and 14 years later I still haven’t been to any, however this year I wanna explore more of Bulawayo so I plan on going home for at least 5 weeks just to tour my city and see everything that it has to offer!

Natural History museum

Image result for natural history museum bulawayo

Khami Ruins

Image result for Khami Ruins

Bulawayo Railway Museum

Image result for Bulawayo Railway Museum

National Art Gallery

National Gallery of Bulawayo

Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage

Image result for chipangali

Where to stay

Cresta Churchill Hotel

The building in which the hotel is located

Gallery image of this property

Gallery image of this property

Gallery image of this property

Holiday Inn

The building in which the hotel is located

A seating area at Holiday Inn - Bulawayo

Gallery image of this property

Where to drink

Zimbabweans are known to be big drinkers so of course, I had to recommend to you some bars to drink at! Be warned tho, Zims don’t play when it comes to alcohol, these people drink alcohol straight with just ice, they don’t know what mixers are, it’s horrendous but I kid you not, the nightlife is short of boring. My best nights out were in Bulawayo, as in nothing can compete!

Kings Head

Bulawayo Club, Zimbabwe


Image result for cubana bulawayo

The deck

Image result for the deck bulawayo

Where to eat

I am such a foodie and when I tell you, the food not just in Bulawayo, but in Zimbabwe, in general, is the best. NO CAP! There is no other country that provides flavour as this one does, whether you go to a restaurant or take away shop, you will not be disappointed with the food, ITS THAT AMAZING



Fine dining; Michelin star restaurants in Paris

Fine dining; Michelin star restaurants in Paris

Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city of love. The city of lights. The fashion capital of the world. The city of Paris is so many things to so many people, with so much to see and so much to offer a weekend in Paris is one that you just simply cannot refuse.

The French cuisine has always been so intriguing to me, like anyone else I love food however I’m not really one for trying new things, especially snails but then again life is too short and you only live once.

Growing up Zimbabwean we have weird traditional dishes too such as fried caterpillars, every single year I am forced to try them again and again but it’s official, I have never liked fried caterpillars nor will I ever like them. On the other hand,  I have always wanted to try frogs legs because I heard they taste like chicken and I would love to see it for myself. Although I am sceptical to the idea of trying snails, If the opportunity does one day arise for me to try them in the wonderful city of Paris I won’t say no, after all travelling is about trying and experiencing new things in a new city. You just can’t say no in Paris! 

The Best 6 Michelin Star Restaurants in Paris

Although I have never been to Paris myself I have heard that these are the best Michelin star restaurants in the city, so if you ever visit one of them I’d love to hear about your experience!

Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athénée Hotel

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée is a showpiece restaurant, serving dishes — often displaying unusual and interesting bitter notes — that are both unexpected and delicious. The dining room ceiling drips with 10,000 crystals. Ducasse has raised eyebrows in Paris by offering no meat on the menu; instead, expect seafood (turbot, langoustines, lobster and caviar), vegetables from the gardens at Versailles and a range of pulses. Starters cost from €60 with main courses ranging from €85-€135. The restaurant, which has silver banquettes, a wall cabinet of the chef’s culinary equipment and shimmering crystal-drop chandeliers, overlooks a courtyard restaurant that transforms into a skating rink in winter.

Christian Le Squer at Le Cinq, Four Seasons George V Hotel

Le Cinq, determined to up its game on the culinary scene, did so with the arrival of chef Christian Le Squer, long-time three-star chef at Ledoyen, in late 2014. In February 2016, he won Le Cinq its third Michelin star. The Brittany-born chef is particularly at ease with fish and shellfish, including inventive marine and citrus fruit combinations. Unusual starters might include a ‘deconstructed’ onion soup.

Guy Savoy et La Monnaie de Paris

Set right on the banks of the River Seine, Guy Savoy’s flagship restaurant resembles an elegant hotel particulier. Updated by star French designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the historic interiors abound with centuries-old soul. Original period features like ornate mouldings and open fireplaces are wrapped in a slate grey hue giving the string of dining rooms a contemporary look, while the large floor-to-ceiling windows frame picture-perfect views of the River Seine, the tip of the Ile de la Cité and the magnificent Louvre visible beyond

Yannick Alléno at Pavillon Ledoyen

The neoclassical pavilion first opened as a small inn in the late 1700s and was moved to its present location at the bottom of the Champs Elysées in the mid-1800s. Discreet, the Parisian landmark counts some of the world’s A-listers among its regulars and in the past, Napoleon and Josephine are said to have met here several times as well as celebrated artists and writers like Monet, Zola, and Degas. Surrounded by blooming gardens, the two-tiered pavilion’s first-floor dining room’s period interiors speak for themselves, as does the bucolic view onto the surrounding trees and the Grand Palais.

Le Meurice

With its extravagant Louis XVI decor, mosaic tiled floors and modish restyling by Philippe Starck, Le Meurice is looking grander than ever. All 160 rooms (kitted out with iPod-ready radio alarms) are done up in distinct historical styles; the Belle Etoile suite on the seventh floor provides panoramic views of Paris from its terrace and you can relax in the Winter Garden to the strains of regular jazz performances.

Le Bristol

Set on the exclusive rue du Faubourg St-Honoré, near luxury boutiques such as Christian Lacroix, Azzaro, Salvatore Ferragamo, Givenchy and Dolce & Gabbana, the Bristol is a supremely luxurious ‘palace’ hotel with a loyal following of fashionistas and millionaires drawn by the location, impeccable service, larger than average rooms and a three Michelin-starred restaurant with Eric Fréchon at the helm


Where to go for brunch if you’re ever in Bulawayo

Where to go for brunch if you’re ever in Bulawayo

I cannot believe We’re already half way through the year. How is it June already? I honesty cannot get over how fast this year is going by. It’s literally flying by and I don’t know how I feel about that, I feel as though I’ve only accomplished a few of my resolutions and now I only have 6 months to try and complete the rest of them!  
It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been a year since I last visited my hometown of Bulawayo because I remember it like it was yesterday. And it’s almost been a year since I went to France with my favourite people. And it’s been 3 years since I went to Amsterdam. It’s unbelievable. The last four years of my life have gone by so quickly for me, it’s kind of hard to comprehend. 
Considering I go to Bulawayo almost every single year without fail you’d think that I’d be an expert by now, but no not really. I still don’t know the city centre but I know the best place for brunch – 26 on park. It was during our first few days in Bulawayo and we’d just come back from the country visiting my grandmother and my Auntie and I were looking for a good place to eat and a friend of my cousin recommended 26 on park. 
It’s situated in the suburbs of Bulawayo away from all the chaos. It’s peaceful and the scenery is beautiful. Not to mention the food is amazing, I would highly recommend this place for breakfast, lunch and dinner.