Leather; trend of the year?

Leather; trend of the year?

I can’t lie to you guys, I honestly think that I’m psychic. I kid you not I started buying in on this trend in late 2018 when I still worked in Topshop, the leather pants in that store sold out within a week, I originally thought it would be a trend to dominate 2019 but it seems to be more popular this year! I am so obsessed I am with leather at the moment. Everything leather I need in my life; shirts, jackets, trousers and dresses (of course all faux leather before you all get on to me). Every-time I go out I literally have to restrain myself from buying another leather item.

Leather has been shown on the runway for two consecutive years at fashion month, last year for the fall 19 shows we saw designers add their own twist by presenting us with colourful leather as it was predicted that leather would replace our beloved faux coats/jackets and wow was that prediction was 100% correct! For me leather is known as a staple item, everyone from when they were a child has owned a leather biker jacket? Am I right or am I right? So in retrospect leather is nothing new to the fashion scene, I mean it was pretty prominent in the 80s/90s so in a way it makes sense that the next big trend during this nostalgic era of fashion would be leather. It’s only right, I mean we’ve been through denim, mom/dad jeans, shoulder bags, halter necks so of course you need at least one leather item to complete your 90s wardrobe. The only difference between leather now and how it was in the 80s/90s I’d say is the fact that a lot more people probably wear faux leather due to the growth in consciousness among the public on how clothes within the fashion industry are made and social media. Another difference is the fact that that era was dominated by leather trousers and long leather jackets, however, now we’re seeing leather mini skirts, leather dresses, cropped leather jackets and colourful leather etc. Additionally, we can now consider leather a more versatile fabric, which before was not the case; leather trousers were known to be too biker, leather dresses gave dominatrix vibes – leather was always associated with sexiness or toughness until now. 2019 and 2020 leather became FASHIONABLE in all forms!

If you don’t own anything leather, then I hate to break it to you but you’re doing life all wrong honey because leather is where it’s at this year! Here are some of my favourite leather items rn;

Leather Trousers

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Image result for missguided black croc faux leather straight leg trousersImage result for missguided black croc faux leather straight leg trousersImage result for missguided pink faux leather split front trousers

Black Faux Leather Buckle Strap Detail Trouser image 2Shape Black PU Split Hem Trouser image 2Taupe Faux Leather Snake Print Slim Leg Trousers image 2

Cardamone croc-embossed leather trousers - BlackJane slim-fit flared leather trousers - BlkSlim-fit metallic leather trousers - GOLD

Leather Skirts

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Image result for missguided green croc faux leather midi skirtImage result for missguided black faux leather asymmetric midi skirtImage result for missguided black faux leather split hem mini skirt

Hot Pink Faux Leather Lace Up Detail Mini Skirt image 1Grey Faux Leather Snake Print Midi Skirt image 1Stone Textured Faux Leather Snake A Line Skirt image 1

Leather Shirts

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Multi Snake Faux Leather Bandeau Corset Top image 1Shape Black PU Embossed Curve Hem Crop Top image 1Petite Leopard Print PU Corset Top image 1

Image result for missguided premium beige faux leather shirred bardot topImage result for missguided black faux leather puff sleeve shirtImage result for missguided white faux leather snake print oversized shirt




The 3 trendiest trends of 2016

The 3 trendiest trends of 2016

2016 for one has been a very eventful year for the majority of us and by no surprise the fashion industry has dominated the year with the start of new trends and old ones coming back. In this blog post I have enlisted 3 of the most influential trends that I believe dominated the year of 2016.


I never thought that we’d ever see chokers as popular as they were in the 90’s however 2016 proved me wrong as everyone this year was wearing them from your favorite celebrities to brands like zara and missguided incorporating them into their designs. I think most of us can agree when I say that we all forgot that other necklaces besides chokers existed this year because they seemed to be the only thing that people wore but what can I say they go with EVERYTHING.





Band Tees

Band tees or merch tees as some people like to refer to them have been around for basically forever but they hit their peak this year especially during the summer and festival months. This year almost everybody who is anybody was wearing Kanye West’s Pablo tour merchandise, people were adding their own twists to band tees to add that bit of extra grunge by ripping or distressing them. One of my favorite looks with this trend was when Kendall Jenner walked out with a triangular cut Metallica tshirt earlier this year – if anybody knows how make a boring outfit absolutely killer, its her.









Athleisure offered comfort style and confidence in the year 2016. This was the year that people were, i’d like to say more chilled and laid back which is why althleisure wear became so popular amongst fashionistas. Whether your going to the gym or on shopping spree who knows, i guess it’s a mystery that people will never solve. Gigi Hadid aka the model of the year helped leggings, sports bras and all of its sportswear affiliates, become the normal for everyday in 2016.