Body image and why you should love yourself

Body image and why you should love yourself

Body image is something that affects everyone and I feel as though we only ever hear about the way that it affects young girls and women but what about men and young boys?

At some points in our lives we all struggle with body confidence and we are our worst critics, we see faults in ourselves that other people don’t see and it is truly damaging to our mental health. My motto has always been and will forever be ; ‘you need to learn to love yourself before you can allow yourself to love another person because at the end of the day if you can’t love yourself who will?’.

Of course as a teenager I still have a lot to learn about life but I find it saddening to see people around me tear themselves apart trying to be the ‘perfect girl’ that they see in magazines and the instagram models that we all envy to be. As much as I love this industry it does have it’s faults, one of them being that it fails to represent women of all shapes and sizes. Last year I watched one of my closest friends go through something that I would never wish upon anyone and it’s all because of this idea that society has put into our heads – if we’re not skinny we’re not beautiful.

I am very lucky in the sense that I have learned to love myself and although I have my days, I am happy with the way that I look and would not change a thing about myself. However this is not the case for many people out there, there are young girls as young as the age of 10 that are starving themselves and over exercising. We may not realise it but the images that we see online and around us are extremely damaging to our mental health. Social media has opened so many doors but social it makes it hard for people to remain true to themselves.

Talking to Yahoo Beauty, Keke Palmer said that social media and the internet in general has become so judgmental that people will either put themselves down before a troll gets the chance to comment, or they conform to what they are being told is the way they should look. And she believes the Kardashians are a big part of the problem.

I say f*** society and learn to love yourself and your insecurities because in the long run it will make your life so much happier, don’t listen to the people that try to put you down because they obviously have insecurities of their own or they’re simply jealous. Love yourself and don’t stop loving yourself!