I am a dreamer – I hate reality and I love to constantly picture myself living the most perfect life there is! But most importantly I love to see other people living out their dreams and pursuing their life goals. The reason that I follow so many people on Instagram is probably because I’m obsessed with accounts and people that inspire and motivate me to not only improve or change my lifestyle but to also achieve as many of my life goals as possible.

When I see other people doing well in the career that I want to pursue it makes me want to work that extra bit harder to be where I want to be in 10 years time, however my only problem is, although I don’t lack motivation, I am extremely lazy, in all honesty I could dream and fantasise all day and get nothing done. I hate hard work and that is something that I am trying to change in the new year because like most of us out there I want to be successful and happy in life and I have realised that the only way to make this happen is through hard work because nothing in life comes handed to you. I think that 2016 made me realise that if I want something then I need to go out and grab it and seek as many opportunities out there as possible because sometimes you have to knock on every single door out there until you get the opportunity that you want. This year I aim to work harder than I have ever worked before in order to get my blog where I want it to be and also to achieve my academic goals ( I’m sitting my GCSE’s this spring) so that I can one day go to an astoundingly amazing University or possibly even study overseas .

I know that most people will probably judge me for my age first rather than my blog and my ability to work as a professional blogger but I don’t think that that’s fair and this year I have been inspired by so many people to prove to the world that age is truly nothing but a number and to prove that although I may not be as old or have as much experience as everyone else in the industry I can do as much as them. I hope that some day down the line I can be an inspiration to all young people who want a career in the industry and show them that you can start living out your dreams as early as you want as long as you have faith in yourself and are willing to work for it.

Have you ever just looked at someones Instagram account and thought to yourself, I want that life, I wan to do what they’re doing – well this is how I feel about these 5 people;

Tamara Kalinic

Negin Mirsalehi

Chiara Ferragni

Kristina Bazan 

Amelia Liana