Known as South Africas “friendliest cities” Durban has to be one of South Africa’s best kept secrets! It’s the middle man for Joburg and Cape town, a cool laid back, yet busy city, Durban combines an exciting mix of urban Afro-Indian culture and is slowly but surely becoming the place to be. Durban has been likened to the Mediterranean for its beach-bum vibe and relaxed atmosphere.

Why Visit Durban

  • The Weather – Of course just like every other South African city, Durban doesn’t experience cold winters like here in the UK. But whats different about durban is the fact that it is warmer than the rest of the Country and that no matter the season, the sun is always shining and in winter, the day temperature hardly ever falls below 18° C making it the ideal destination for any type of holiday.
  • The Golden Mile – Durban’s Golden Mile, a 3.7 mile stretch of sandy beach, invites surfers and swimmers to enjoy the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Durban’s beachfront was completely redeveloped for the 2010 World Cup.
  • Art – Durban’s art museum was the first in the country to start collecting African art.
  • Everything you could ever wish for in one city – Durban has the sea, the valleys, and the mountains. Everyone knows about Durban’s amazing ocean but what people forget is that people can go a few kilometres inland and drive through the scenic midlands or even further into KwaZulu-Natal to see a number of game reserves.
  • Shopping – North of Durban, the Gateway Shopping Mall is one of the 50 largest malls in the world and claims to be the biggest mall in the Southern Hemisphere. With 18 movie theatres, over 400 stores, an arcade, a theme park, and a water park, the mall has food options and entertainment for everyone. Or if you want something more ‘African’ Durban has an amazing range of local designers.
  • Discover Zulu Culture – Take in a Zulu experience to learn more about the culture of South Africa’s largest ethnic group (some 10 million Zulus live here). At Shakaland and PheZulu Safari Park, both located in the magnificient Valley of a 1000 Hills, you can walk through beehive huts (replicas of Zulu homesteads), sip traditional beer, watch tribal dances and participate in traditional ceremonies. Journey about 40 miles west of Durban to see Isithumba Adventure Park, an authentic, rural Zulu village.

Where To stay